Any plans to add Insteon PLM support?

Insteon devices have a lot of positives, especially their ability to do perfectly synchronized dimming and scene adjustments. Existing controllers from other companies are expensive, buggy and use outdated UIs. It would be great advantage to be able to directly control an Insteon PLM from a future version of Hubitat, taking advantage of the modern features of Hubitat and the robust scene capabilities of Insteon. Please consider it!!

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If I am not mistaken Home Assistant has a support for the Insteon.
It is not difficult and/or expensive to add HA to the equation.
In addition to support for Insteon HA has a lot of other benefits.
Just to name few: 100% local control for Ecobee Thermostat and Switchbot toys.

All my home automation in my old house was Insteon/ISY99i based.
It worked perfectly fine for years. But as of today Insteon seems to be dead animal.

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HA is great and while it does support Insteon somewhat, critically it doesn't support native Insteon scenes. So you get the popcorn effect, not the beautiful synchronized dimming and transitions that Insteon is capable of. It seems only Insteon themselves and the ISY people figured out how to do this.

BTW Insteon company is back and shipping new and old products. They are alive and well.

Not sure if this helps?

I would be surprised to see built-in support for Insteon added, although anything’s possible.

If you have an Insteon hub, you can activate insteon scenes via HTTP from a RM rule in Hubitat. You can also create scenes via HTTP using Insteon linking mode.

I don't think you're ever going to see a native Insteon integration in the hub. However, there's a bridge application that was created some time ago, allowing you to use Hubitat with an Insteon hub. Although it's no longer actively developed, it still works fine and I have been using it for years. I prefer this over the HA integration since it's much more responsive. But the HA integration is good to have available for adding/removing, modifying device and hub settings, and creating Insteon scenes, without the need for a monthly subscripton.

You can create and trigger Insteon scenes from HA, or you can create the scenes on HA and trigger them via HTTP from HE Rule Machine.

Create and trigger insteon scene from HA (use HADB to trigger an HA automation via an HA toggle Helper, or use the HE>HA integration to trigger an HA automation via a Hubitat virtual switch).

Trigger an Insteon scene via HTTP from Hubitat (Insteon hub)

@PatPend Just by chance, I was reading a post regarding Matter and Insteon came up (There was supposed to be a new hub on the road map that would support Matter). This led me to a post regarding HA support for Insteon and a comment that it has improved significantly.

[Edit] I just tested this, and in fact it has improved, but not enough. I'm going to guess that if you keep everything in HA it all works fine, but as soon as I added one device to Home Assistant Device Bridge and then tried to add it to a Pico automation on HE, it only took two cycles of the light from a Pico before it stopped responding.

Suffices to say, I'm staying with the HE integration. :smile:

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