Any plans for Mycroft?

Are there any plans to add Mycroft to Siri, Alexa and Google?


+1 here im also interested in this

Whats mycroft?!

This does not make sense to me here in this forum as the only mycroft that im aware is:

So i might be Missing something?!

The OP probably wanted MyCroft integration so they could use it with something like a Pi tied into their home automation nextwork?

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thats what I am hoping for

Still not getting it... :frowning: it's not just a Google home assistant look a like that runs locally?

Wouldn't HE need to be 5x or 10x more powerful just to support this natively?
Adding the fact that HE would need to support it as well?
Is it really worth it when you have Google assistant, siri, cortana and Alexa?

well one of the reason some of us are interested in hubitat is the desire for privacy. it is listed as one of the selling features after all. Google home provides little of that where as mycroft is working towards fully off-line functionality.


Fair enough...
I will install it on a pi and see how good it is.

I must admit that would be fun if we could say "hubitat are all my locks locked?"


I didn’t realize that you could run this on a pi. When I first looked at this I thought I needed to buy hardware. Please, let us know how it goes. If “Mike” could run most of Luna and coordinate a revolt, I sure hope he can run my little home!

It will take some time as i need to order a new sdvard

I'm interested in local STT as well, and Mycroft keeps popping up in my searches.

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If this supported mycroft (or even another decent non cloud based voice assistant if one even exists) i'd buy it.

but my entire interest in this product is to get offline/offcloud and more importantly some shelter from the big tech companies spying on every damn thing we say/do/think

so tl;dr I cant find a reason to buy this without mycroft or similar support

Any updates on Picroft?


I am also interested in this. Would be nice to build a completely local home automation system with voice control. The Idea makes me giddy. Even though mycroft does not support that yet.

I wonder if the Hubitat team has plans to add support for it.

if not I wonder if we can write our own "skill" I dont know enough about myCroft but since it is completely open source I could see a habitat groovy app that listens for updates (Could even use the Maker API) from the mycroft device on the LAN.

I would be interested in this as well. IMO, the market really needs an option like this. But am a little concerned how long the Mark II has been on the drawing board.

I want the world to use this because there are too many people saying Google, this, Alexa that. I don't use it though. Maybe even because of that. It is time people can call their HA by their own name. (no, not Jarvis, that isn't original anymore) :grin:


also interested in mycroft support.. just came here after looking at mycroft and seeing it supports homeassistant and wink.

+1 interested in Mycroft as well.

FTR, right now their STT is still cloud based but they are working on a home STT server that will run on a Pi. (At least, that was the plan the last time I looked at the road-map) Supporting a small set of users and not having to worry about concurrent processing, they believe they can get it down to a Pi.

Cheers! :slight_smile: