Any Pico type remote alternatives available for Z wave?

I guess one can always use a real Pico remote and a lutron hub, but are there options available without the need for another hub?

There's the Remotec ZRC-90

And then there's the Zigbee options:
Hue Dimmer
Adurosmat Eria Dimming Switch (basically a Hue dimmer)
Xiaomi Aqara buttons

In addition to Pico, and Luton Connected bulb remotes, I have 3 of Xiaomi buttons and love them. The Xiaomi buttons have 6 possible button pushes in HE (1-5 clicks, plus hold).

Jasco announced Zwave remotes at CES 2017 that are supposedly being released in July. You can read more about them on the ST community:

In addition to what has been mentioned above, there are also Aeotec Wallmotes.

That post was from 2017. Are they coming out July 2019? A check of the Jasco site shows they don't currently have anything.

Their in wall remote was discontinued.

The button thread on ST is a good read for suggestions, then check if they are available on HE.

The GE/Jasco rep on Reddit (u/mccoolio) has indicated about six months ago that they were anticipated to be released this summer.

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I'm waiting for those remotes to come out as well.

In the meantime, I'm using a Aeotec Quad Wallmote. It does the trick, but the WAF is relatively low because it doesn't look like a switch. The advantage of the forthcoming Jasco switches is that they look like a switch.

The Remotec looks almost like a switch, but has too many buttons on it to have a high WAF.

Summer 2019 is over. Anyone know if they are still coming out with these?

According to the ST forum, these do not support the Central Scene capability and instead support direct Z-wave association. So, you can use them as 3-wave for you Z-wave switches and dimmers but that's all. Not as button controller in HE.

As of two months ago, the release firmware for these remotes was not yet finalized (personal communication from a Jasco employee), so that might change.

Well, if you read the post I linked to, the person was sent test sample devices. So that is what has been seen in the wild. That is an awfully big shift to be done after the devices have already gone to manufacturing though. You'd have to pull all those devices and trash them basically.

Not sure if this fits what you want but I've used it:
Hank 4-button scene controller.

Each button has pushed, held, and released triggers. The layout is a bit confusing though.

Just checked. The large manufacturing run for these is not yet done. Also, they have flashable firmware. So presumably any units from previous manufacturing runs could be re-flashed by Jasco.

And then they would have to be repackaged. This is not feasible from a cost perspective. Firmware updates are either handled by customers or the devices are scraped in most cases. Paying someone to unpackage every one, flash it and then finding a way to make sure that it was packaged correctly again is more expensive than trashing the devices you've got.

Assuming they are already packaged.

I'm not going to get in a debate about how devices are manufactured. A change from z-wave direct device association to z-wave central scene when device beta units have already been sent to people to try out is a HUGE change. Agreed?

Yes. But not unheard of. From everything I've read, the firmware difference between beta units of the Aeotec Siren 6 and the final release product were substantial.

Substantial but not completely different. We're talking about going from direct association to central scene. That's not substantial, that's a complete re-write.

I've used this device. Range is outstanding. Very similar to the Hank:

It Hank uses the Nanomote Hubitat driver actually. So, I'm not surprised they're similar in features.