Any one notice how long it has been since a HE update?

Must be a good one coming up!

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27 days per this post...

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Isn’t that pretty normal? Seems to be about once a month...

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Seems so much longer than 27 days.

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I’ll bet something good is coming

I am itching for an update!

Maybe they are taking some people's advice and putting out fewer but better updates. I have long said they are doing too much too fast to sustain long term.

In my opinion they need to do some cleanup of long standing issues, have better/updated documentation that reflects current features, and even do some grammar changes in the UI.

We all get addicted to these frequent updates but business wise I don't think it is the best, and it probably isn't great for customers either long term.

I'm not itching for an update at all... It does what I need it to do now, so the only upside to an update is fixing issues.

More new features isn't what I'm interested in.

Well, there are a few new features I would like... But I don't think it is anything they are working on... So see above.


Fairly new to HE, but everything seams to be working great for me? Do updates normally happen way more often?

Updates occur "often" -- but of course that is subjective. The main body of code is in good shape and the majority of each of the past three updates have been: new drivers (always welcome to those that have the new devices); RM improvements, and not a lot more. I feel that there are adjustments made in the platform that don't make it to the Release Notes... or maybe hidden under some words that get glossed over by my eyes.

I'd say that as the Hub gets incrementally more mature, updates occur incrementally further apart. Hubitat has put their code through a Beta Test before and will again, I'm sure. They seem to find the first 50%-60% of the issues.

Read each Release Notes and determine if you NEED a feature/driver found in the upgrade. If yes, upgrade and let the rest of us know how it works. If not, wait to read that the upgrade is safe and sound by all those that upgraded before you. :smiley:

Hubitat is astonishingly responsive to problems found in their code, so don't be silent on issues you encounter.