Any multi socket that work with Hubitat?

I'm trying find a multi-socket plug that only takes up 1 spot, to save space (and it would be nice, but not critical to also save some of the cost over 2 single plugs) that work with Hubitat

I can't seem to find any that are Zigbee or Zwave. (I guessing they take up too much room). I've seen several that are WiFi, but after searching the forums I can't find anything within the last year or so that let's me know if Hubitat has any drivers for them that would let me control the plug sockets indepenantly.

Zooz makes an "indoor" double plug, but people have had problems with it on the C-7 (and probably newer), so I wouldn't recommend it, even though certain settings may help. They do have an "outdoor" plug, but there's no reason you couldn't use it inside (just make sure whatever you're using is within the specs, same as any outlet). It's a bit different in that it doesn't sit directly on the wall, but it's the same idea: Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Double Plug ZEN14 - The Smartest House

Inovelli used to make one, and a few white-labels probably did the same, but I can't even find those anymore and that one is, of course, long-gone. If you aren't set on Z-Wave or Zigbee, you could also use a TP-Link Kasa power strip (cheaper than the only current Z-Wave one I know of) or similar.

I posted about this recently and tried to peruse through the forums for ones that have worked well for others. Unfortunately, the consensus has been all the Zigbee/Z-wave ones are kind of a "hit or miss" so there would be no way for sure unless you tried it yourself. Another option is to just stick individual plugs in a regular surge protector, but that's kind of a crappy solution. If you're fine with WiFi, then the TP-Link Kasa will most likely work. Fortunately, I didn't actually need it since my TV that has Google TV runs fine on the Chromecast Driver and my surround sound that uses eARC will turn off with the TV.

The Kasa multi-plugs (HS-300) is corded. Connection is a single outlet with THREE independently controlled plugs.

Kasa also makes a multi-wall outlet that works well (two independent controlled outlet).

Both have built-in drivers that use your LAN interface (after installed).


Zooz has a z-wave power strip that is excellent. Pricey, but not terrible for 5 individually controlled outlets + power monitoring on all 5.

There's some no-name Chinese crap on Amazon that's ZigBee, but none of them are UL or ETL certified, and are not at all safe to use.

On my hydroponics I use some heavy-duty 6" extension cords and 6" Y-extensions to utilize a few Third Reality ZigBee plugs that don't fit next to each other on a double-gang outlet box. Slightly cheaper than a Zooz strip, and has better max power handling.

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Thanks all for the replies. My intent is to plug it into a power strip, just that it is getting a bit tight in there. Because of that the outside one, which just has a 3 prong plug and then and extension to the double plug, might work the best for my use case.