Any issues with SMS today?

Somehow went over my limit and only received one text. I whipped up a test rule and am seeing the error. I was supposed to get texts today but don’t see them. Checked my format entered in the rule and looks okay. I’m a Google Voice user, if that matters

Ever thought of using something like pushbullit? Forego the limits?

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LOL, I was just getting ready to post.

Not a single SMS for me today and I am not getting any now as I am testing a new device


There was an update yesterday. Did you perform that? Platform update.


hmm ... let me try to set up an sms and see if it cuts me off. i don't use sms, so I should not be at my max. Give me a minute or two.

I did. Got one text today, fwiw..

I just setup a virtual contact switch to send an SMS and TTS to my Echo when open. I got the Echo, no text


I just set one up and I didn't get a text. Pushbullit works fine. I also did the update yesterday. Maybe send an email to and report it. Seems there's something up. Since I never use it and didnt get one. I set it up wrong to see and it errored that it was wrong, but no text, no request in the logs.

Still no text today :frowning:

There appears to be an outage with our provider. ETA unknown at this time.

Thank you


I would think something like this would be considered a significant issue for a majority of users. Surprised there’s so far two of us who have noticed. Are most folks using something else for notifications? What am I missing here?

I started out using SMS, but decided to sign up for Pushover and use it instead. Yeah, sucks it costs extra. But $5 didn't seem like much to me at the end of the day.

I am using pushover and ST for notification.

The join API can be used for those who prefer text messages. I modified @stephack join Ali driver to allow texts. If anyone is interested let me know I'll put it in my github.

Pushover for everything :slight_smile:

Pushover for me too. 10 SMS a day is pretty limiting. For 5 bucks it’s totally worth it.

Wow lots of love for Pushover. Will check it out

Pushover here too.