Any Interest in Peloton API?

Does anyone have any interest in attempting to get their Peloton integrated with their Hubitat at all?

I guess I must be a glutton for punishment because I was glancing at one of the API sites someone has made for it and thinking "I wonder if anyone would want this...". I do not have one but would be willing to work with someone to attempt to make the driver.

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My wife is a Peloton addict! What are you thinking? I can think of a routine that changes lighting and then turns on the A/C. :crazy_face:

So, I'd be interested just so I can say, see, look at the value in all the automation money I spend. :slight_smile: :laughing:

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I was thinking something along those lines originally, maybe "mood" lighting as someone gets closer to the end of their workout (assuming the API can tell such a thing), or countdowns... My wife (not a Peloton user) likes to run a fan for her workouts... so someone could control that instead of the AC as a whole.

In most of these type of API cases I just figure it is useful to get a general status in Hubitat and people seem to get creative with the information. Since I do not really know what the data looks like yet I cannot really say exactly how people might use it.

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with the current recall, not sure how useful this might be in the long term

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I don't think that recall is stopping anything. The waiting list a few months ago to take delivery of a peoloton product was months. They are not sold in stores and have to be delivered and installed by their folks. The COVID world sent their brand skyrocketing and truthfully, its not about the devices, it about the app experience. Plenty of others are trying to knock them off the pedestal, but they have a very strong following. I know cause their merch is all over my house. :wink:

from my understanding, it sounds like an accident or negligent parenting. definitely not the fault of the device

I read they are going to add a feature that stops the tred with some type of lock. There are other treadmills out there that function similarly. I bet just as many injuries occur with them... Just Peloton's rise to the top this last year might have made them a target for litigators... I dunno... I think accidents can happen anywhere. What I see with my family and friends is crazy loyalty... And more to the app and brand than anything else... :slight_smile:

The recall is for their treadmills true, but those will be fixed. Plus from what I have seen so far the API works for their exercise bikes also.

What’re you referring to?

The Peloton treadmill recall.

Wow, just read the cpsc announcement.

If they can design it safer, that sounds like a worthwhile goal.

Treadmills are dangerous for young children and pets though, smart or not, so hopefully every home that has one takes that into account.

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Does this API apply to the bike or the app itself? (Or rather the stats portion of the app that the bike is driving) The reason I ask is that My wife (and sometime myself) use the Peloton APP but we have an Echelon bike. (This is actually pretty common)

The hits just keep coming... My wife was interested in a Peloton but decided to get a Bowflex Bike instead. Does not require a subscription and can be used with iPads etc. She seems very happy with it..

What you REALLY need is the "Mirror"... A client of mine has one. Pretty cool looking if you are into that sort of thing and have money to burn.

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It reads like it is an API to the data that Peloton keeps in their cloud. It is definitely not one local to the bike itself. So I would THINK that would work just fine. Although I have not had any volunteers yet... :smiley:

Sounds more like you drank the kool-aid and like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry couldn't resist this

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