Any idea why this rule isnt working? (Controlling Sonos with from a light)

What I want is the sonos to play when the lights are on in the bathroom and the mode is either morning, day or night.
When the lights go off, I want the sonos to go in pause.

Does it not work? What is happening. If you want to see what is happening, take a look at the app events, from the app status page (gear icon on Apps page next to the app).

Also, you could move the Modes to a Restriction to simplify things a little bit.

Tried to move the modes down to restrictions.
Looks like the rule is working, going from true to false.
But its not executing the "play" and "pause" on the Sonos..

Is it something I`m missing here?

Have tested some more, when the light go on the Sonos starts to play.
When the light go off, it continiue to play. So its the pause function who are not working. (Have also tried to use "stop").

See if pause works from the device page for your Sonos.

From the device page of Sonos its pausing.
Also I have a 4 button wireless switch that is set ut with "play", "pause", Vol+ and Vol- and this is also working great.

It looks for me that the rulemachine dont perform the action, but I dont know how to debug.

This was a bug, fixed in latest release.