Any Hubitat users in Germany who can recommend some devices?

I am looking to get some Zigbee outlets/switches/motion sensors that need to work in Germany - any recommendations on compatible models? Many Zigbee devices listed on Amazon are not compatible with Hubitat C7 and are not even being detected as generic devices :frowning:

Can you give some examples from Amazon .de ? Yes, there are some new Zigbee 3.0 devices which will not work on the C-7 hub, but these are more an exception than a rule...

I tried the NOUS ones here for example:

These work perfectly in Hubitat, search the forum for Nous …

Directly, or do they require their hub?

Directly, but require a custom driver.
I have one.

Reports power, voltage, energy, etc… and are very good Zigbee repeaters!.

I get the driver requirement, but that would require the device to be detected during Zigbee discovery, or is the driver required to have HE even detect the Zigbee devices?
Can you share which driver you are using?

As with most of the Tuya-based devices, you have to install the driver first and then pair the device to the hub.

If you first paired the device (it will most probably be assigned the generic zigbee driver called also ‘Device’, then after installing the driver you have to manually assign it to the unknown device, and then pair it again.
After the second pairing it should work (if assigned the right driver,‘of course…).

Finding the custom driver should be easy… Try searching this forum for Nous.

Yes, and that is the problem - the device is in pairing mode (fast blinking led), but Hubitat does not find anything during the Zigbee pairing process.

Can you first install the custom driver, then delete it (REMOVE DEVICE button at the bottom of the device page), and then try to pair it again to your C-7 ?

My dev. hub is C-7 and this plug has no problems pairing many times to it .. Works on C-8 also.

My plug is from this site, but it should be the same as yours :

Yes, have the driver installed, but the Zigbee discovery does not find anything, so there is no device even in the list - Zigbee pairing does not find any devices (C7 and outlets are side by side...)

I suppose you have already tried pairing after a restart of the C-7 hub....

That's bad news, I won't be surprised if you have a plug with newer firmware than mine that may have a problem with the C-7 hub, which is not Zigbee 3.0 compliant. : (

My last idea for now is to try pairing not close to the hub, but at the maximum distant place from the C-7 antenna and close to another mains-powered Zigbee device.

Do you know if there is a different way to get that thing into pairing mode than pressing the button for 5 seconds?

No, pressing for 5 seconds is the way. Some devices will make hard-reset if teh button is held for 30 seconds or more, but not sure for this one.
It is also a good idea to unplug it for several minutes from the mains, before trying to pair it again.

Thanks a lot for your help! Tried it all and the C7 does not even see the devices, so they are going back :frowning:

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