Any experience integrating "canless" lights?

Does anyone have experience or recommendations for integrating LED "canless lights" with Hubitat?

These appear to work by wall switch. Just get yourself a smart dimmer and you’ll be set. The thrashing the reviewers gave the light would seem to indicate that you won’t have it for long though.

In my kitchen I used several of these:

They were $22.40 when I got them, so the price does fluctuate a lot. They were half that price yesterday when I was thinking about getting a couple more. They work well and are incredibly bright. No can required and good for indoor or outdoor use.

I've generally avoided the non-replaceable fixtures. I have a few--but not too many.

I prefer to have standard fixtures with lights I can easily replace.

And to control them with switches that are Z-Wave.

That way, when the burn out or otherwise crap out, I don't have to re-add new devices and re-program a bunch of rules.

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I have a mix of mostly zigbee switches, with z-wave plus switches relegated to outdoor lighting once I saw the speed difference between the two in motion lighting. Then there were areas like the kitchen that was from the late 80s. Hardly any light and these saved me from having to do major drywall work in the area one generally wants to avoid having drywall dust covering everything. I put Hue lightstrips under the cabinets, replaced the GU10s with Hue bulbs, and wired three of these 1400 lumen lights in with the 5 x GU10 fixture (which had been the only light in the kitchen). This is one of the rooms that I would do exactly the same way again if I had to do it over. I really like the color lights, but mostly for the wide CT range. Areas where we spend the most time I have all rgbw lights. Areas like hallways and bathrooms are zigbee dimmers and standard led lights. The only zigbee lights I’ve ever had to replace have been the Sylvania/Osram A19 bulbs (they overheat). The rest have been fantastic.

I'd still go with a can and get the led can inserts that have a wire you screw in. Safer too imo.

No. The cans are from the bygone days of white hot incandescent bulbs. The LED fixtures are sealed and cool to the touch, plus the wire are still joined inside a junction box.

Yea, but if my led overheats for some reason it's surrounded by a metal can instead of being burried under insulation.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t use one in the upstairs without a can. I don’t know if it’s okay to do that, but I wouldn’t. For one thing, they just clip in and I don’t want insulation coming in around the lights.

Also most modern homes have pretty tight homes now for efficiency. Cans are easy to permanently seal. A puck you shove in the ceiling would leak air like crazy. I guess you could seal it but good luck replacing it and not tearing up your drywall when the next new thing comes out.

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The flat LED lights are great when you are doing retrofits. They are the thickness of 1/2" sheet rock so you don't have to worry about avoiding ceiling joists or pipes when you are placing them. You can lay them out exactly as you want and not have to move them slightly out of position if you discover something in the ceiling where they should go.

Thanks, Ken. It looks like the Halo brand has better reviews so I edited the link.

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