Any device that reports voltage?

UPS's also measure the mains voltage level. If you have one (and if you haven't, why not? :grinning:) then there are plenty of solutions to bring that data into HE. Plus of course you get power outage reporting as well and your HE continues to work.


Power reporting is one of those things that can a bit of a touchy topic. Many of the devices that do it can be a trigger for instability on the network they are on, so be very careful when setting it up not to set values in a way that would overload a the network they are on. I think hubitat staff have suggested several times wifi devices for this kind of activity.

I don't really know what wifi devices do it though so here are the ones i am familiar with

Zooz zen 15
Zooz zen25 (be very care with it)
Aeotec smart switch6
Aeotec Smart switch 7

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Just piling on with a +1 for the Zooz Zen 15. I've used it to control a dehumidifier for the past 2-3 years during summer, and use the same one to power snow melt mats in winter. Bought a second one for that last year. Rock solid. As for voltage reporting it does a good job but can be chatty (too much traffic) on a z-wave network, which is why I think wifi devices might be better for that (and amperage) reporting.


I guess one big question that hasn't been asked is other then it reporting voltage what are your requirements.

How frequently does it need to report?
How many amps do you expect over the circut?
Is this just one plug or do you need more then one?
Does it need to report on change or does it just report what the value is at certain intervals?

The key is finding a device that provides you the info you want it in the way you want it so i think we only got part of the information to really direct you to the right device.

I have several UPS's but I'm not sure how I can integrate them . They are an APC NS1250 and an APC Backups PRO 1500s. They each have ethernet "data" ports but I don't think they true ethernet ports. I don't leave my computers up 24/7.

@mavrrick58 I'd like to be notified of essentially brownouts. Voltage spikes would also be nice. Really nothing else.

How fast do you need to be notified.

If all you need to be notified of is brownouts then maybe a Ring Gen 2 extender can support that. It has a battery backup and can notify your hub if the power goes out.

Does the APC simply have the ethernet looking Data port. That converts to USB and simply plugs into any device that has usb. You could take a raspberry pi zero, hook it up via usb, and load the APCdameon on it and then hit that with Node red to retrieve a bunch of stuff about the UPS and send that data to HE.

Of course all of this assumes your network gear, the hub and the Pi are all on battery backup.

I think trying to identify momentary voltage spikes may be hard to capture. That would require a device to capture based on voltage change and not just periodically over time. i don't think any of the previous mentioned devices are designed for that.

I think the UPS connected to a Raspberry Pi via the USB/Data cable is your best option. The apcusbd dameon pallet in Node-Red requires a 12 second refresh so it will capture the change in voltage and power outage pretty quickly. Node-Red can then be setup to send that data to HE on changes of values after each 12 second poll. That uses the Hubitat Pallet to send commands to a virtual device in HE.

I have this complete setup configured already, but it does require something to be always on to run the dameon. I am suggesting the Pi because of that, but that dameon runs on allot of other hardware. I have mine interface with my server running Unraid for example.

The last benefit of this is that it keeps this traffic off your Zwave or zigbee networks. It can be chatty. I would make a word of caution in that be sure send just changes and not every report for each poll. When I was first testing this setup i brought my dev hub to it's knees with two UPS's reporting every change.

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Yep what @mavrrick58 said in the above post. I had a quick look at the 2 UPS specs and it seems like the ports (right hand side of the rear of the pro15000) could be functional.

However the solution provided by @mavrrick58 assumes communicating via USB (most common way) and TBH I'm not sure how (and if it is possible) to set it up via a network connection, a cursory google search did't turn up anything useful.

However there was a post by @rlithgow1 recently where he mentioned he was using ethernet on his UPS. I forget where it was, but he could provide more input into your requirements.

I love this plug (Aeotec SS6). The reporting of power usage is - bar none - the best IMHO!
Also some versions have USB-A on the side (not controlled from switch). I love those cos ppl can charge off of them.

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Some UPS devices do have a network port that exposes essentially the apc dameon in it. They tend to be more expensive though. Generally ones used for servers that are rack mounted for a business.

@rocketwiz I did try plugging that UPS into my network but it never seemed to show up. I looked in my router info, and also scanned using fing, and it wasn't there unfortunately.

@mavrrick58 The Ring RE really does work well for notifying a power failure. I use that too. Very handy. Doesn't report voltage though unfortunately.

@Jann I think this will be the gadget i wind up trying (the Aeotec SS6). It sounds like I'll have to be careful with it though. I def don't want to slow down my network. I just want to be notified if the voltage goes above or below a certain point. It could do that correct?

@magasser Yes, it can do that using the Rule Machine (trigger is power meter )

If you are going to go aeotec you may want to go SS7 instead of the 6 version. The new version is designed in a way you can use two in a duplex outlet where as the other only allows one.

@mavrrick58 Agreed! However they are impossible to get on Amazon - and I haven't had good luck with Aeotec's website wrt delivery and updating of your order!

Here is a link to a distributor that i got from Aeotec's website Zwave

There is also the Zen15 from Zooz at The Smartest House which is a bit cheaper.


OK, well I learned I actually already have a device that does this. I thought I checked all my smart plugs but I missed some. These Iris 3210-L Smart Plugs report power use, voltage and frequency. They are also BOTH Zigbee smart plugs AND ZWAVE repeaters. The Zigbee part reports the power stuff and controls the outlet, and the Zwave part is just a repeater. You need to use this driver from Shackrat. Incidentally, it only seems to report voltage and freq when the switch is turned ON- which is fine for my purposes- I'll just leave it turned on.

I would be very careful about using that as a Z-Wave repeater. If the devices firmware is not at the appropriate version it will mess up your mesh.

Unfortunately there is no way to update the FW at this point. If you have an outlet with this sticker you may be okay.. but not completely sure.

edit: I have a bunch of these and have decided to never use the ZW repeater functionality - too hit or miss.