Any comments on Utilitech indoor siren

I noticed on Ebay these indoor sirens are going for less then $20 USD. I was wondering if anyone has used one and what was your opinion. They seem large and use 4 C batteries. I see Hubitat has a driver for them also.

They work great... Native driver support... and they are LOUD!!! as they should be..


I got one in 2015 and don't think I've changed the four C batteries once since then. There is a jumper inside to set the volume level, and neither is quiet, but the louder one is certainly....loud, so I'd agree with the poster above. :slight_smile: (One of few sirens that actually sounds like one.)

If I had to buy something today, I might choose the Aeon Siren/Doorbell 6 instead (nearly the same but the doorbell includes the button for not much more in price). The sound isn't quite as piercing, but they're still believable enough (they have a lot of sounds so I suspect it's really just a general-purpose speaker inside; the Utilitech only does that siren at two different volumes and likely has more purpose-built tone generators). It's also a tad prettier, has a light you can strobe as well, and is USB-powered and would function as a Z-Wave Plus repeater. But again, I'm pretty sure I have yet to change the Utilitech's batteries, and I don't know that I'd ever use a light on my siren.

The batteries do last forever... I haven't changed mine either... Can't remember when I bought it but it has been a few years..

Much appreciated to all. Exactly what i needed to know. Looks like i got the last one on Ebay selling for $20 free shipping

Also recommend. batteries last 4 years plus and it is loud

I have one, and meh, it sounds like a parakeet on meth. I prefer the tone on the dome siren or the aeotec 6 siren/doorbell. The utilitech siren appears to use the same speaker as the dollar store contact alarms.

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Oh boy and i ordered one from Ebay lolo. Hope mine sounds better.

I know it rated for indoor use but has anyone used it in a protected area outside. Wondering how it would hold up.

Oh really? I’m Going to take a look at that. Thank you!

That makes me feel better about my Dome siren. Thanks!

I guess we have different opinions. :slight_smile: I like the Utilitech siren because it sounds like an actual alarm, not a tin-ny speaker being all cute and pretending to be one. The Dome Siren is an example of what I don't think sounds good, though I don't mind it for door chimes and whatnot (except it rarely responds quick enough to be useful for that anyway).

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Well I cannot get into the sound debate since I only have had the Dome (Neo Coolcam), and it’s joined directly to my Ring Alarm hub, so response is instant in testing.

Good enough for me.

I have a aeotec gen5 doorbell that I use for door chimes and various noises .. I originally used it as a doorbell until I moved to ring... but I kept it for the sounds..