Any chance to get my language added to TTS?


I'm seeing a lot of different languages supported in Hubitat's TTS. Is there a chance to get my language somehow supported too? I would offer my help if needed!
Sincerely Jani from Finland (so..Finnish needed..) :slight_smile:

Hi @Jani - Hubitat uses Amazon Polly to generate TTS, so TTS is limited to languages supported by Amazon Polly.

I was shocked to see that none of the languages in the Finno-Ugric language tree are currently supported by Polly, especially considering the large populations that speak the three major Finno-Ugric languages (Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian). Hopefully, Amazon will support them soon!


Although it wouldn't help if you're trying to include variables, I seem to remember that you can record MP3s and store then on the hub.
Of course not much value if you're trying to do something like "Front door is opened at XXX" but maybe better than nothing.

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I'm already using Google assistant relay with webcore and at the moment it speaks english. There seems to be no hope to get assistant speaking Finnish so that's why I was hoping that there would be a way with Hubitat. :frowning:

You can try
Finish is supported.
You will need to download the created mp3 file,
upload it to hubitat and then you can play it out
from RM rules. You will not be able to use variables.


Yep, tested it. It kind of works but word flow in Finnish is awful. Maybe I keep assistant relay and use English. :frowning:

You can try Google Translate.
It also supports Finnish and in a past had an ability to extract mp3 files.
Unfortunately Google killed this option but you still can record mp3 if
you install some sort of voice recorder.

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