Any chance the Sengled Smart WI-FI bulb W11-N11 will be supported?

This device does not show in the Hubitat supported devices, nor can I find any reference to it in any forum post. I think Amazon was giving them away with some of the Alexa devices. Would like to use it if possible. Thx

Could create a virtual switch and use Alexa to control the bulb based on the switch.

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Unlikely unless there is a local API which I don't think there is. As @thebearmay says though, you can link it to Alexa, then create a virtual switch on hubitat that alexa can monitor and then use that to turn the light on/off on alexa.

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Thx. I need to read up on virtual switches.

If Alexa can control, would there not have to be some local API that a new Hubitat device driver could use? Perhaps I misunderstand what you mean by local API? Still pretty much a Hubitat noob and just getting back into it after moving into a new home...Thx

Alexa can "talk" to the bulb through its cloud interface. If the bulb had a local API then a driver could be written to speak to the bulb directly over your local WiFi; since it doesn't appear that there is a local API available your next best choice is to share a virtual switch with Alexa and write 4 routines:

  1. If switch turns on, turn on bulb
  2. if switch turn off, turn off bulb
  3. if bulb turns on (via Alexa) turn on switch
  4. if bulb turns off, turn off switch
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What @thebearmay said. Local API means directly talk to (in the case of Wifi Hubitat can talk to Lifx, Shelley, Rachio, Nanoleaf, and a few others). Anything that has an API that uses a cloud interface, HE is basically fark that noise, let the community write an integration. Hubitat is very big on Local only, no cloud based integrations natively.

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I'll pursue the virtual switch solution since there is no device driver even if possible. But so that I understand better, what would the difference be between Alexa using the "cloud interface" and a future device driver making a local TCP connection over local WI-FI? Even if controlled via the cloud, there has to be some sort of cloud API. For example, the bulb registers to a server and is controlled by Alexa using a REST API. If so, it seems a Hubitat device driver could do what Alexa does assuming a device driver could also use the same cloud API though perhaps not in the spirit of Hubitat local control. Perhaps a device driver cannot do general TCP connections though I see some "LAN" devices are supported? Need to learn more about this. Thx

A local interface means that the bulb can receive and act on commands that are directly sent to it, i.e. they do not go to a cloud server but stay within the local LAN, thus the internet could be down and the bulb could still respond.

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Lifx is an example of local API. It does not use the cloud for control. The hub directly talks to it. With the sengled, a request is made to the cloud sever which then sends the command to the bulb. So aside from latency issues, if you're internet goes down, then your automations are broken where as if Hubitat talks to it directly and your internet goes down, that device won't care and hubitat will continue to work..

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