Any cable modem experts?

This forced stay at home is making log into everything that's let me. I logged into my cable modem today and saw this status screen - with a large number of "uncorrectables" in every channel.

FWIW, I have no issue streaming video or music. The modem is ~4 years old. It's an Arris SB6190. The current uptime is ~49 days - so I assume the "uncorrectables" is a cumulative value.

My internet provider is Cox. Anything I can do to reduce the uncorrectables without having a tech visit? Are the uncorrectables a problem if I haven't noticed anything?

Edit: Product information page

The errors are at the cable-modem level, not the wifi. I would run Speed Test on my PC (direct connected to Modem) and see if I were getting near the advertised upstream and downstream rates. If so, do not worry. If your rate is low, you will need to contact COX.

Do you own the modem or does COX own it? This may be a factor going forward.

I pay for Cox's Internet 150 plan, which I think is 150/10 down/up. Here's what speedtest shows from my Odroid (connected to the modem via a gigabit switch). In this test I got ~156 down and 11 up.

I ran it couple more times and the download became faster (makes me wonder if something is cached somewhere ......)

I do. Purchased 4 years ago exactly.

Uncorrectables happen.. Long copper lines that feed into everyone’s houses.. Lots of potential interference sources.. As long as you are getting near your expected speed, and aren’t experiencing packet loss, it shouldn’t be an issue..

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Agree. I owned my own Arris router when I was on Spectrum and had similar results. One thing to pay attention to though is the number if locked downstream and upstream channels. This number varies by Arris model. I bring this up because my internet would slow down and after logging into the modem I would see only 2 upstream channels locked. This was caused by signal changes in the pedestals in my neighborhood and I had to have Spectrum come out to fix.

ATT installed fiber in my neighborhood a few years ago and I haven’t missed the copper connection.

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I had this discussion with a Comcast tech a couple of years ago. He said the uncorrectable codewords were not a concern as long as they don't increase exponentially over a short period of time. Data hogs like streaming and VoIP will of course increase the number. He also said that a bunch of those happen during the negotiation process, before everything is locked, and that the SNR values are a better indicator of quality.

Note: I take all of this with a grain of salt, as he works for the same company I have to call once a month to get "re-provisioned" because their system doesn't like the fact I own my modem.

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I worked for the cable company here. If you're getting a clear picture and your speeds are where they should, leave it be. Usually complaining about a problem will just end up perpetuating to the other services and cause a mess. There is going to be a tolerance of issues, but as long as you're not noticing anything, then it's the lesser of two evils. they could install line filters, but if it's not broken, just don't fix it. You'll never be able to dial it in 100%.

Yah .. that job was after ASL interpreting and before Lodgenet technical support. I like variety.


Beautiful language. Hard as hell to learn if you're hearing.

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