Any apps to link contact sensors to room lights?

I'm currently using Rule Machine to link various doors to the lights for their respective rooms. I'm curious if there's any apps that I can do this in, or if RM/BR is the best for this. I was originally using SA, but the timeout for the light would conflict on subsequent opens, hence the migration to RM.

The built in Motion Lighting app has an option to enable contact sensors in place of motion sensors. I use it with motion sensors, it works great for that, have never tried it with a contact sensor.


Motion lighting app is great, but so is RM.
I'm using this rule for context sensors for my closets which catch the previous state if light was already on before the door opened and cancels out timeouts.

Basically if the light is already on, don't do anything.
Of not, turn on light and set timer, cancel time and turn off when closed.

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yea, i'm currently using RM 4.0 for them and it works great