Any approved Australian plugs?

I'm using the TP-Link community drivers but would prefer to use a plug that was officially supported. Are there any options?

Any problems with your TP-Link integration?

If you want official, then you'll have to look at this list and see what you're able to actually get in Australia: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation (you can sort by column to make it easier to find plugs).

However, most Z-Wave and Zigbee (ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0) will probably work with the generic drivers. I'd search the community for the specific model if you're able to find one that isn't on the list.

From support:

"...with that being said, I didn't know which hub was giving you troubles, so I looked at both and it appears that both oh them are working overtime to manage a multitude of error, mainly coming from the WebSocket thread ( InterruptedException during WebSocket thread: sendQueue.take {}
java.lang.InterruptedException: null). I see this kind errors often in your past logs:

2019-12-13 05:07:37.139 ERROR dev|99|Rear Garden|java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 220 (commandResponse)
2019-12-13 05:07:46.249 ERROR dev|101|Front Fence Left|java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 220 (commandResponse)

I have seen hubs struggling with the TP-Link Integration, so if your hubs seem sluggish or not performing well, you may want to consider disabling the integration to see if that resolves your problems."

Interesting. What TP-Link Devices are in those error logs? What driver and version?

I understand that the NUE branded gear Is now officially supported.
These guys

Expensive: SmartHome - Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6

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HS100 & HS110 plugs.

Driver: TP-Link Plug-Switch & TP-Link Engr Mon Plug by davgut


App (also by davegut):



My issue with the Aeotec devices is that they are AU Z-Wave and I've standardised on the US frequency with all other Z-Wave devices.

The zigbee Nue plugs would probably be ok...

Not to be a killjoy but you are aware that US z-wave device frequencies overlap with our mobile spectrum and are illegal to use in Australia?

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