Any 3D Printers out there for hire?

I am using several Zooz 800 series devices; ZEN34, ZSE41, that I am pretty happy with, EXCEPT for their use of the CR2032 battery does not cut it in my application. I want to use CR123 batteries. Can anyone make a Cover Case for these devices that is big enough to house a CR123 battery?

The factory covers are a simple rectangle that is about 3/8" tall. I would like identical covers that are about 1 1/2" tall so that I can fit a CR123 battery underneath them and connect them to the CR2032 battery connections of the device.

I can send you a device to measure and provide further details as to what I want. I'll pay you a $100.

Being that i have had zen34's that have been on the same battery for a few years can I ask why the battery life is a issue?

Can you attach a picture of what you're talking about?

I can't talk to what might be available in the US, but for me a local electronics store has a few 3D printers that you can pay to use for one-off runs, you just need to provide the design in a common file format. There might be something similar over there....

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The problem is primarily a kitchen pantry door that probably gets opened more than 100 times per day.

You might consider outsourcing to someone offering 3D design/printing services via FIVERR. I've found this route to be very cost effective.

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I can do it for $75. I would need the original cover and the height you need (sorry don't know what 11/2" means).

I have a old Visionic door sensor on my pantry door that is used to automate a LED strip for light in the pantry. Is the battery life very poor with the ZSE41. I generally get atleast a year or two out of my old sensor.

I would imagine that someone will need a physical device to test with. I like the idea @mark1 put out there.

My only concern is that you also get the files so if you need to print it again later you can easily.

I think he means 38.1 mm. :wink:

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I’d be happy to print it but can’t do the design work.

Thanks for all of the replies.

I have attached some Pics. that show the basic device and its cover. And then where I have attached a CR123 battery holder to the outside of the cover; currently running the wires through holes I drilled in the factory cover. I am hoping for a cover that will enclose the battery holder and battery. The cover would be a simple rectangle that is about 1 inch taller than the factory cover. That would allow me to put the battery holder up inside of it. The second picture may not look like it, but the battery holder is definitely smaller (X and Y) than the factory cover.

I’ve helped out a few of the Aussie members with various 3D Prints, perhaps message a couple of the Murican members to see if they’d be willing to help out.

Most of us hang out on this topic.

NVM, I see that @JoeJ has offered to help. :ok_hand: