[answered] Qubino Relay - using without a light (load)

I have the need to install a regular light switch (WAF**) and control some lights that are not connected. I have an empty space in a 3 gang box with power and neutral etc. I know I can hook up the Qubino directly but was wondering if I need to use some sort of dummy load resistor to "fake a light fixture" in order to safely complete things..

special thanks to @JohnRob in another thread whose advice started me thinking about this!

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I have two Inovelli switches - one dimmer LZW31-SN and one switch LZW30-SN - installed in a two gang box that are not directly attached to any fixtures/loads and do not have any add on resistors.

Instead, the scene control events from pressing the paddles are processed by rules on the HE that control several z-wave switches in the housing of a ceiling fan.

I’ve programmed the LZW30-SN switch to correlate to the GE fan switch in the fan housing and the LZW31-SN dimmer switch to control the dimmer switch in the fan housing. But you could program the scenes on the in gang switch to control anything via HE. Since I only needed scene control, I could have used two switches instead of a dimmer and a switch in the two gang box.

I took this route because I had only three wires from the switch box to the fan and wanted to control both the fan speed and the attached fan light. (BTW, Inovelli is about to beta a single gang dual fan + light switch with an in fan housing receiver to address this common problem).

Here’s a Q+A to this effect answered by “Inovelli”:


Is there a minimum load (eg. below 20w like a single led) where this switch will not work? seen similar problems with zooz


No. Here should not be a minimum load requirement. I have seen these switches utilized with no load wire connected. Juts as a remote style switch.

· February 6, 2018

I know it can be done with switches as I have a few setup "load-less". Not sure about the relay. If needed you could possibly use a load resister to fake it.

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Thanks for that - I missed it in my search.

Wanted to report back that it is working although a little slow. I have the dual relay and am using the 2 "switches" to control some recessed lights and some table lamps.

Thanks again everyone.