Another Wink2 transplant

After the recent news, my wink2 started acting up and going offline so I decided it was time to go. I got about 2 years out of it so I'm happy with that. But I'm looking forward to the local control aspect of Hubitat. I wish I had known about Hubitat before I bought the wink.

I only have a mix of Z-Wave switches/dimmers from GE and Leviton so I don't expect I'll run into any issues, should I? All my devices appear to be on the compatibility list.

But as much of a headache it's going to be moving over, I'm hoping I'll get better reliability and better response times from Alex/Google. I'm overall looking forward to seeing what the system can do.



If you stick to compatible list devices it should reduce your headaches. Although it may also remove some of the fun lol. This forum will help you anyway.

Welcome. Have fun!

Welcome and hope you will get a smooth transition. It's so much better than those crazy robots on Wink. Also this forum is super useful and responsive compare to the Wink Facebook group.