Another wink refugee seeking advice

Hi everyone as stated in the name of this post I am another wink refugee after looking at smart things I decided that LOCAL would be the main objectif for my new gear I have multiple Tp link bulbs and hub from 2013 sitting in a box with the wink hubs so no more cloud based $ I hope that hubitat is for the win.

I know that this question as probably been asked many times but after realizing that I had around 20 browser pages opened each containing hundreds of post I decided to ask anyway as I do have to keep some time for work in my schedule.

So I was wondering what would be the best way to go about my new setup.

My main factor is Familly friendly operation. I will make some automations mostly for media room, night mode and away mode. I know that there is a steep learning curve coming from plug and play Wink environment but I'm willing to learn and adapt to to gain full control of my house.

I currently own the following:

Obviously a Hubitat hub (c7)

-wink hub one and two (in a box in a closet waiting for them to release the hubs when they close up shop. And yes I still believe in Santa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

-Two wink relay migrated using (beta stwinkrelay)

-Harmony Hub and harmony hub extender (not currently in use)

-Lutron Probridge 2 (on the way to replace my original probrige)

I also have a Mac mini that runs 24/7 as a home cloud/media server etc. that could run HASS.
And Apple Tv's 4K that could run Homekit (we are a Apple ecosystem household)

Thats for the Hub part.


Multiple leviton z-wave plus wall switch, outlets, plugs and dimmers. (Migrated under generic z-wave and working well)
Multiple Lutron switch plugs and picos (waiting for the Hub)
Multiple Kidde smoke and co2 detector (will probably invest in a z-wave sensor near one to keep them as replacing all 5 would be cost prohibitive )
Go Control door and windows sensor + temp and mouvement + siren (for alarm) (in progress)

Couple of wifi plugs from Costco (it would seem that they are tuya based and flashable. I'm looking into it)

Canary cams (cannot integrate it seems)
MyQ garage door opener (would really like to make it work as is no additional relays or switch)

Denon AVR (Recent) and EPSON projector (Lan and control4)+ gaming consoles

Schlage Connect z-wave locks be469 (currently migrated and havent seen any bugs yet but automations are still not made)

I own a lacrosse weather station with wind, temps etc that I'd like to pull data from and integrate
And also a Fujitsu mini-split AC/heat pump that as wifi integrated and app (FGLAIR) but since auto mode basically never works properly I would like a way to set it up to adjust based on the temp reading from multiple sensors around the room. (probably not a noobie thing to ask or do)

Appreciate any thoughts that you could give me