Another wd200+ driver issue

Why is there no definitive driver solution for this device with no issue?

So I've gone through all the drivers I've found for wd200+ (4) and have narrowed it down to two usable ones, I can go either way if I can understand how to program them because they both SEEM to work as I need them to.

I'm using webcore and trying to set the LED.

The first is the built in one. I can't seem to program this at all in webcore because I don't know how many values go into the parameter and I don't know if they are supposed to be integers, strings, or decimals. And do I set the color as the word like in the device page or a number correlating with the color.

The other one is the community 'Almost Any Dimmer ZWave Plus". This I got working through webcore except for the blinking gets wonky. I can set the bottom LED to blink, but not the others in any logical way. Trying to set numbers 1-7 to correlate with the LED gives undesirable blinking.

Any help with either please. Thanks.

webCoRE (and RM for that matter) will pass the parameters in exactly the same way the device page is defined as they are executing the same command.

I have already tried passing it how I believe matches the device page.....ex, 22,red, does nothing. So sorry, but that doesn't help my issue. Anyone else?

What parameter types are you using. Believe I saw on another thread that the built in driver was expecting all the the parameters to be passed as strings.

As an FYI, I've been doing a almost complete rewrite of that driver and plan to have the Version 2.x.x release out soon (within the week; possibly as soon as tomorrow) The new version is a lot faster during startup and does a lot less polling of the devices during configuration. It also fixes a number of errors in S2 security handling.

Just coming back to update, I figured it out. I messed up on two parts.

1/ I didn't expose the light in webcore as a configurable device, so I wasn't seeing "setStatusLED", and thus using "setParameter"...which oddly enough isn't there anymore.

2/ The parameter values I was using was "integer,string,integer", instead of "string,string,strings" and everything is good now.

Some other issues I'm having now but unrelated to this.