Another random DISARM

My system just disarmed by itself. Event monitor only shows HSM disarmed itself. This had happened once before (we could not figure out why it happened then either). Is there any other place/log I could check to see what is triggering these random alarm disarms? Thank you.

Have you looked in past logs on the Logs page (Menu in the upper left then Logs) to see if there is anything? It would be great (and maybe there is but I don't know where) if you could see a correlation of what app (child) or manual from which user triggered an event like an arm/disarm light on/off ...

Brilliant. I didn't know about checking these logs (I was looking in the individual devices logs). Thank you for the suggestion. Apparently what is happening is that the key fob I had setup is being randomly being registered as present and absent (I set it up once but the delay in being registered as present made it useless to deactivate the alarm when I got home so it is just sitting on my desk) even though it has not being moved at all for weeks:

Just checked the logs even farther back and it seems the key fob is shown as departed and present several times even though it is not moving at all. I guess I will just remove it form the system. Thanks for your help.

Glad you found the issue, I had that issue with keyfobs in the past when the battery gets low so I only use Geofencing now unless we have a visitor for multiple days without a cell phone but that hasn't happened in a few years now.