Another Power Outage

Does your water heater get shut down in that scenario as well

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I could but haven’t setup a rule to do that.

I thought about that at some point. It would be an issue if it were to get emptied out, but otherwise, I don’t know that it is a problem… Would love to hear otherwise!

I've always heard the warning....shutting off the water supply for some duration requires turning off the water heater's heat.

I guess the risk is mostly about the "pressure trap" that is created by it being a "closed system" once the supply line is shut off. Of course there is a relief valve on the tank.

In all reality this is probably more a concern when closing up and leaving a property for more than a few weeks.

As an aside: Knowing about toilet tank valve assembly failures (once common due to plastic breakdown in municipal chlorinated water supplies) and learning from the insurance industry that such catastrophic plumbing failures are slays me that the code is so strict on some things but not strict enough on the precautionary measures that would avert such catastrophes. Makes you wonder if we were actually "safer" back in the day when a lot of stuff was copper. Never remember "shutting off the house supply line" being such a big deal in the old days unless you were talking Winter vacancy of a property.

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I think water heaters are not what they used to be... :slight_smile:

Nowadays they have aquastats and dip sticks and low water cutoff switches and all kinds of stuff.

I'd imagine that the problem would be air locking the system if you do have a leak somewhere after the water is shut off. I don't think the coils would overheat or melt or anything, but it makes sense that you don't want the unit powered up if there's no water in it.