Another Mobile device not getting notifications

I want to get notifications on my phone from Hubitat apps. I've read a ton of topics regarding mobile device notifications but none of them solved my problem (and they were rather old). So here's my notifications problem:

I installed my single C8 hub, added a dozen devices, then installed the app on my Galaxy S10, went to settings | hub | registered mobile device.
Devices show the phone and the commands update the current states. Text sent from the device detail page also show up in the logs as sent.
But the phone does not respond to any notification. I have notifications enabled for the app. In the app, the tools | notifications page just shows a spinning circle forever.
I've removed the device and re-added it again with still no results.

In the Settings tab in the mobile App you are connected to the hub with the mobile device that matches the one you are trying to send the notification to from the HE hub? So the Hub and Device Name entries in the Settings page.

Yes, I only have one hub and one cellphone device. I've deleted the mobile and reconnected it twice.

And at the time you attempt to send the notification from the device details page you can see the hub and correct device listed in the Settings tab of the mobile app on your phone?

Yes. Device Details page shows the proper data. The notification also appears in the log, but nothing on the phone. Phone | Tools | Notification just shows a spinning circle. Nothing in the phones notification window.

Sorry to harp on this point, but the thing I was wanting to confirm was that in the Settings tab in the mobile app the hub and device entries are the values you expect, those indicate the app is actually connected to the correct hub with the correct mobile device.

No prob, really appreciate your help. Here's the settings tab of the phone, showing eHub and SM-G973U together. Also a screenshot of the desktop device details. When I selected eHUb in the phone, it then prompted me with the SM-G973U mobile device (which is the only phone I use).

Ok, it was becoming less likely to be the issue the more we discussed it, but just wanted to rule it out before digging too much deeper. Which I don't have much longer to do before I start work....

It is odd behaviour then. I was going to suggest checking notification settings on your phone, but if you are not seeing them in the notifications tab in the app that is not likely to be the issue. The best I can think of would be the blunt (but often effective IT) approach of restarting the phone.

Beyond that I'm a bit stumped myself, hopefully others may chime in with some more ideas.

Like a lot of things I find in Hubitat that need a bit of work, I decided to find a workaround. Just went with Pushover ( for my notifications. Five bucks later, problem solved!

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