Another Life 360 Complaint (just whining)


I'll just stick this in the Lounge area, since I'm really just whining - not looking for an answer. I've tried a myriad of things like refresh via RM, etc to improve things. Just is what it is at this point.

Kids are back to school, and like clockwork I got my notification from the Life 360 app when my kids arrived at school.

So I thought, let me see if the presence updated in HE... So I check. Nope, showing them both present still. Did a manual refresh and voila, now they are not present. Life360 misses way too many events to be relied on.

The native Hubitat app can't come soon enough for me. :frowning:


Use locative. Much better control for Presence control but still has its quirks too.


Apparently I left yesterday and didn't return until I used the "refresh" button today. :cry: Hope the Mrs doesn't find out!

I feel your pain.


It may be my imagination but for the last few months, any time I experienced a missed event there was an iOS app update available. I wonder if it is backend changes at Life360 causing this? I'd love it if others could help me verify my observation. I swapped to Locative and haven't had any issues in the month or so I've used it.


I thought Locative wasn't supported any more? Last time I tried it, it wouldn't work on Android 9 based devices.


The project is open source. Still available in the marketplaces.


You are correct in the sense that no one has yet to take the Open Source and keep it up to date as it gets impacted by underlying mobile OS changes. (Android or iOS)

However, it seems the current code is still "good enough" for use.. and I assume everyone here is hoping the Hubitat App is released before the underlying mobile OS changes enough to make Locative not good enough.

In other words, it seems like it's a race, between Mobile OS vendors changing something critical and Hubitat releasing the App (and it being -- good enough)

Something has to be good enough and for many, Life360 isn't. For some, Locative is. We all hope that the Hubitat App takes over the "good enough" slot. :slight_smile:



I don't think it is good enough if you are on Android 9, though. If I remember correctly you can't ever select a location, and therefore can't finish setup on that version. I would have to install it again to see if I'm remembering correctly.


If you are using the version in the app store, it does not work...for Android 8 or 9.

You need to download the 3.01 apk and install.


Ah. Gotcha.