Another interesing (to me only?) fan issue - reduction in successful control range

I have a 7 celing fans using the Bond integration. The other day I noticed one of them wasn't responding to control from the Device page, Automations, or even the Bond app. There were occassional times when it would turn on or off, but 90% of the time no response.

It had been working fine for almost a year (we had reinstalled it after a remodel) and then suddenly not working. I played around with adding the fan to the Bond app again so I had a second istance of it to try, didn't help. There was a FW update for the Bond Bridge - took it, didn't help. Rebooted the Bond Bridge, nope. Rebooted HE, nope. Cut power to the fan and restored, nope-nope. Nothing helped.

I didn't even consider a range issue at first, as the Bond Bridge was actually in the room w/the fan, direct unobstructed line of sight, about 20' away. The bridge was succefully controlling the exact same fan model in our family room 3 walls and over 35' away, as well as every other fan in the house in more remote locations, so "obviously" it could not be a range issue. Then when I ran out of anything else to try I finally decied to move the Bond Bridge to about 8' away from the fan.

Boom - everything works all the time.

So not sure how this may have happened, but clearly something changed that reduced the range from which that one fan can be controlled. Nothing has changed in the house in terms of networking devices, settings, contruction, etc., since the remodel was finished about a year ago, so I don't see any external issues that would lead to this problem.

Anyone seen this before? Just an issue w/the fan aging?

That is weird....
Were you able to return the Bond bridge to it's original location?
People may also be interested in the fan model.

I haven't tried that yet, as I kind of prefer to have the bridge where I moved it to. Got it out of my dressing area onto a bureau in the main part of the bedroom.

Fan is a Hampton Bay from early 2000's - as I said I have two of that model, one is in family room, one in bedroom. I'll have to track down the model - I should have a manual somewhere in the house... :slight_smile:

  • Neighbor has added something on the same frequency causing interference at the original distance?
  • Canopy module aging (likely capacitors in the power supply) causing a reduction in the receiver signal sensitivity/processing ability?

I would swap the canopy module with a newer one and see if it helps.

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That's a good question, we have new neighbors on one side of our house. I'll ask them if they added a ceiling fan or other RF device recently.