Another Hubitat dashboard problem

Ok, today i noticed that when i leave the house and cross out of the geofence, the dashboard did not reload and redisplay the dashboard. Instead, a red (!) Appears on the top of the dasboard. Do i have something not set correctly? As i remember, it use to automatically reload itself. Thanks again and i hope im not pestering you guys too much.

Sounds to me that it has less to do with leaving your geofence, and more to do with no longer being on your LAN.

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Well, i guess it could be except, it doesnt happen until i get to where the geofence limit is down the street. I dont think my wifi reaches that far. However, you may be correct but i think the app use to reload and now it does not. Thank you for helping with this.

I would have similar suspicions about wifi rather than geofence, but to try and prove or disprove this point, maybe you could try turning the wifi off for a period of time on the tablet, say 10 mins, then turn it back on and see how the dashboard behaves...

Actually, are you talking about a dashboard displaying on your phone that you have with you? I'm probably incorporating my own issue of a tablet dropping off the network which I have mounted, you didn't mention that. I should have read your post more closely....

If it is your phone, a more likely option may be you are using a local Dashboard link when opening the dashboard. I'm not sure whether the dashboards automatically revert to the cloud version.... they may...

Yes. I am talking about my android phone. I open the hubitat mobile app and click on the dashboard tab. Then, drive away, when i hit the edge of the geofence, i get a red exclamation mark at the top right of the app and then the presence tiles never change color until i tap on the dashboard tab and select the dashboard again. When it opens, the dashboard is showing the correct colors. Anyway, i dont know what the problen is but it would be nice if it would auto reload like i remember it doing. When i return home, you can see the presence tile change to present and the app doesent reload. Thanks.

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