Another get request not working

I have done some searching and found that others have struggle with this in the passed. Unfortunately none of those solutions work for me so I figured I see if anyone have any suggestions.

Here is my rule. When I copy and paste it into Chrome it works perfectly. When I run the actions of the rule, however, I get nothing. I have turned on logging and get no errors.

The rule is being run from my main hub and making a request to my secondary hub. They have hub mesh enabled and working fine so I don't think it's any kind of network issue.

What if you use a Post instead of a Get?

Doesn't seem to work either

I had to add my own %20 in the device name! Apparently Chrome can handle that not being done

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@bravenel it seems that the URL encode option was taken out in 5.1. I am told that the option is there in 4.1

Still there:

Oh I was under the impression that it was under the get action itself. So I need to set the address to a variable and then use the get with the variable?

Yeah, it came out of the HTTP Get action because it didn't know which portion to encode.


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