Another cloud IoT device/service (SmartDry) bites the dust

This do-hickey works pretty well to indicate when clothes are dry. I wish it served up data locally, but it doesn't - I integrated it via SmartThings. I think @bjcowles has one of them as well. Anyway, the service is shutting down ......

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Yet another terrific idea that is turned into e-waste. Too bad it didn't use a standard protocol like Zigbee or Z-wave instead of some proprietary cloud based server.

Too bad these companies don't unlock the firmware for modification if they are no longer going to support a particular device, they almost certainly could be "hacked" by someone to work locally or on a self-hosted server.


This is really unfortunate news. I hadn't followed them in quite a while but knew they had some cool ideas to expand their product line.

I wonder if there is any way to salvage something from it. Just brainstorming- Doesn't the sensor use BLE to communicate with the "bridge"? I wonder if its data could be passed to something @iharyadi 's Environment Sensor+Bluetooth Module (which I don't have). Getting the motion, temperature and humidity into a locally usable protocol would be awesome!

"It is easy to dream when you haven't a clue"


have not tried it, but they say this works local with home-assistant per the thread


Ha, just saw this on my Google feed and was coming here to post.
Another great reason to NOT waste money on "cloudy with a chance of meatballs"

I have this running now. I installed Home Assistant on a VM and used an ESP32.
Then I installed Home Assistant Device Bridge to bring the data into HE.

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