Another, cancel on truth delay request for help

I am trying to accomplish a cancel delay on truth change rule to keep my lights on and I think I followed the example in the 4.0 documentation but it is not working. Lights flash off and on at random times, sometimes every minute. Can somebody please proof my rule for me? I think I am missing something obvious..
The delay is supposed to be 30 minutes, here in my logs it is turning off after 27 seconds, it randomly does what it wants.

When you pick your lights and a delay to turn them off, you with see a button called 'cancelable'.
When this is turned on it will allow those lights to have their delay 'cancelled'.
I would think that is your issue.
Good luck.

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Thank You!!! I will give it a go!

Now it says "cancelable" which makes sense, unfortunately the sample in the documentation does not have this variable checked, so I assumed I had it correct...

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If you provide a link or description of where, someone can fix this. :slight_smile:

Sure, right here:

here is a screenshot:

That example screenshot from the docs looks accurate to me. The checkbox/slider is still labeled "Cancel?", though they did make a change recently where this shows up in the rule actions as "(cancelable)" instead of "(cancel)". Am I missing something bigger?

Yes, I see that the example does have the word "cancel", in my interpretation I did not focus on the word "cancel" as I should have because I had "cancel delayed actions" already there. Now I see that Hubitat has changed that flag word to "cancelable" which all makes better sense with my logic. To compound my confusion I Hubitat was triggering all of the off and on delays / activations that occurred within the 30 minute delay causing my lights to repeatedly turn off and on at seemingly random times..... I thought it was just going wonky.

I appreciate all the help from the experienced here, us non-programers can read things in a different way so hopefully this post will help others struggling.