Announcing.. The new Cobra Apps & Drivers Website

There are quite a number of threads on the community forum that I have started, announcing the release or update of one of my apps or drivers.

On each of the threads I announce what the app does and the various ‘features’ of each app.

I have also been updating each thread as new versions come out with fixes or new features.

It occurred to me that this might not be the best way to do this, spread across a number of threads and I wanted to collate everything into one place.


I’m very proud to present the all new ‘Cobra Apps & Drivers website.’

This is not my work!

This has been created for me by @Royski

I’m extremely grateful to him for all his hard work.

The effort Roy has put in to creating & editing this has been phenomenal!

It has taken many hours of his time to do this and I hope you appreciate his work as much as I do.

Ok.. Now on to the website.

What is it and what does it show.

Well.. Have a look and you will find details on all the apps and drivers I have released and currently support.

  • Details on what the apps/drivers do and examples of how they are used
  • Installation Help,
  • Configuration Help – With screenshots to make things easy
  • Troubleshooting Help
  • Latest Update Information

You will notice that the ‘style’ of the website is rather familiar in as much as it looks quite like the Hubitat Elevation admin UI.

I am very grateful to the guys at Hubitat Inc. for their permission to replicate the style of the Hubitat Elevation hub.

I would appreciate feedback on the website if you feel that something is lacking in any way, or if you feel some important information is missing.

There are still a few bits to do but Roy is working hard on those – Thanks again Roy.

(Maybe even just a “brilliant job Roy!”)

As a side note…

Every one of my apps has had an update just before this website went live

I hope you like the updates!

The URL for the website is:

Update 12/12/2018
Roy has done some more terrific work on a new menu and now including some details on some of my driver releases.. more drivers to follow :slight_smile:

Thanks again @Royski !!

In the interests of full disclosure.

Each time you install or update or check for updates in any of my apps or drivers it connects to one of my servers to check a file containing the latest version number of the app or driver.

At the same time, this server, along with most on the internet nowadays records your IP address.

This is so that I can count the number of unique IP addresses to see how many people are using each of my apps & drivers.

I do NOT do anything else with the IP addresses recorded.

I don’t even actually see them myself, they are just counted by a script and displayed like this:

“Current number of ‘Average All’ App Users – 1”

This really helps me to quantify my efforts to redirect them to apps & drivers most used.

What’s the point in me spending all my time on apps that nobody is using (apart from me)?



I have actually been really curious about what your apps can do but never had the time to sort through all your threads...for that alone this site is brilliant. One place to see it all and it feels like it part of the Hubitat website. Beginnings of a custom app portal...
Great job guys.


Roy has done an incredible job with this.
Particularly with adding all the update URLs ready for install :slight_smile:

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Now you've got me thinking.... @Royski

HEY ROY! :innocent::crazy_face::crazy_face:


That would be pretty cool :+1: :wink:

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I have some ideas... :slight_smile:
I'll pm you

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I just tried to copy the scheduled app. I got the following error message:
Metadata Error: Parent App 'Cobra:Cobra Apps' not found on line 51

The clue is in the error message..

You need to install and load the Cobra Apps container before adding the parent/child apps code to your system
Once this is done you can 'load' the app from the cobra apps container.

If you don't want to use the container then you need to comment out the relevant line (it's highlighted in the parent app code)


Hello Andy: I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to request, a very minor (but important change) to "scheduled change".
The app doesn't give me the ability to specify the exact time (in minutes) of the scheduled event - it only gives the ability to specify it to the nearest 5 minute increment. Can you give us the ability to specify it exactly?
Thanks very much in advance.
(If I really can specify the time exactly, please forgive my ignorance.)

Also, another small request.
In order to make this a recurring situation, can you please allow the possibility of entering in a year number?
That is, I would like to schedule a switch to be turned on at : December 7th, 2018 at 4:22pm, and turned off at December 8th at 5:26pm. I would like to enter one of these schedules for each week, for the next year. Is that possible?

Are you talking about the 'Scheduled Switch' app?

I'm not sure what you mean here.

Chron schedules (how this app works) are recurring
If I set 10th Dec 17:45 as a turn on time/date then it will happen every year at the same time.

Are you wanting different dates/times for different years?


Yes indeed.
I have a series of events that I know of in advance (by looking at a calendar).
I would like to set a switch to On (or off) for those specific dates and times.

Love the new Vent/Blind control app. One change to consider. Make it so multiple vents can be selected. I made the change to the code.

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I can soon do that I assume you just changed multiple to true :slight_smile:

The vent/blind app I have used in its near current form for about 4 years!
I originally wrote it for my conservatory window/vents in the old ST days then brought it to HE and made it parent/child to fit into Cobra Apps



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Year change is not really possible with a chron job like this.
I would need to rewrite the app and query the hub for the current year.
I don't think I will have a chance to do that in the near future.

I have updated the app though to give you 'freeform' minute input .

An update should be available if you hit the 'check for update' button in the child app


Thanks again for all your hard work...

I have made the input multiple as you suggested.

Updated on Github
Try hitting the 'check for update' button in a child app :slight_smile:


What can you do to help with Elk M1 security connection with HE? Do you have interest to contribute to this?

I’m sorry, I know nothing about NodeMcu