Announce what windows are open


I use big talker on SmartThings to announce how many windows are open.

What would be the best way to replicate this in smart things (I have TTS working through Sonos).

Ideally I’d have it announce “You have 3 windows open, the bedroom, bathroom and living room” or worst case just the number open...

Thanks in advance !



You might want to try this... :wink:

It was actually RemindR I used. Doesn't look like BigTalker gives me what I need :frowning:

This will do it for you.

Use the variable %opencontact% in a message and trigger it with a switch or rain sensor or time


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I check door status and laundry status using RM, but it requires 4 rules for just two doors or a washer and dryer! With three or more devices, this method would get exponentially difficult to setup.

For example:
Rule 1: Door A is open
Rule 2: Door B is open
Rule 3: Both doors are open
Rule 4: Both doors are closed

Here's one of my rules as an example. I just use IFTTT and google assistant routines to trigger my inquiry.

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If you're an Echo user and still have the SmartThings hub, the AskAlexa app is tailor made to handle these kinds of queries. If something goes bump in the night I can ask for motion status, door status, trouble status (assuming you have some kind of device that signals trouble) or any number of tailored reports. Works fine with shadowed HE devices. Kind of a bear to set up and maintain (tho less so now that the updates have stopped coming so frequently) but justification all by itself to have a ST hub (well, that and ActionTiles).

Anyone working on a port of AskAlexa to HE?

I have actually setup a pretty robust report system with Alexa. I utilized this websites skill builder, and the api that comes along with HousePanel. I can set it up to query any device connected to Hubitat and get status (that I manually setup of course). Works well. Here is a video from about 5 minutes after I got it working. I made it ask follow up questions and added the ability to ask for individual devices. It works quite well.


I have actually setup a pretty robust report system with Alexa. I utilized this websites skill builder, and the api that comes along with HousePanel. I can set it up to query any device connected to Hubitat and get status (that I manually setup of course). Works well. Here is a video from about 5 minutes after I got it working. I made it ask follow up questions and added the ability to ask for individual devices. It works quite well.

Yes, I do remember seeing that video now. Is it self explanatory to setup if you have HousePanel or would we need instructions? And if so, would you like to volunteer them? :smiley:

I could provide some instructions. It was not overly diffcult. HousePanel provides one call that can gives you info on all devices in JSON format.

The storyline site provides a pretty easy "building block" approach. You can assign variable from the JSON call and then Alexa will happily say anything you like.

Tutorials are not my forte. However I will try to put some screenshots together.
I was thinking that RM is quickly adding functionality that may be able to do this without housepanel.

@bravenel recently added support to create endpoints as triggers. If we could convince him to get it to return device status in JSON format it would be a done deal I think.

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That would be great! If I can figure it out and it's approachable enough, then I will offer a full tutorial for the community.

I don't follow? What does this have to do with the end-point trigger? Get what to return device status in JSON format?

So two components to this, the first of which is getting HousePanel up and running. HP is an extremely customizable dashboard for both Hubitat and Smartthings that requires an always on webserver in your network. It works on many different platforms. While It is not overly complicated I have seen people run into snags along the way. @kewashi is very helpful in assisting people in troubleshooting and setup.

Once you through setup you can make calls either locally or through the hubitat cloud. Ken covers building your urls in good detail in the HousePanel wiki. I will provide an example of what works for me (it took me a minute to build the hubitat equivalents).

One call provides you with status on all devices. You can also you this skill to control devices if you like (I was able to control my lock before the official app . Here is what it looks like for me ATM. Only authorized devices will show up here.

[{"name":"123switch","id":"65","value":{"name":"123switch","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},{"name":"Air Floor","id":"357","value":{"name":"Air Floor","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},{"name":"Insignia TV","id":"1160","value":{"name":"Insignia TV","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},{"name":"Iris1","id":"897","value":{"name":"Iris1","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},{"name":"Lightstrip","id":"3","value":{"name":"Lightstrip","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},{"name":"Lightstrip","id":"3","value":{"name":"Lightstrip","switch":"on","level":99,"hue":62,"saturation":28,"color":"#F5FFF4","colorTemperature":3003,"colorMode":"RGB"},"type":"light"},{"name":"Main light","id":"4","value":{"name":"Main light","switch":"on","level":99,"colorTemperature":6173},"type":"light"},{"name":"Girls room","id":"2","value":{"name":"Girls room","switch":"off","level":57,"hue":12,"saturation":78,"color":"#FFBC54","colorTemperature":2732,"colorMode":null},"type":"bulb"},{"name":"Lightstrip","id":"3","value":{"name":"Lightstrip","switch":"on","level":99,"hue":62,"saturation":28,"color":"#F5FFF4","colorTemperature":3003,"colorMode":"RGB"},"type":"bulb"},{"name":"My light","id":"5","value":{"name":"My light","switch":"on","level":99,"hue":62,"saturation":28,"color":"#F5FFF4","colorTemperature":2703,"colorMode":"RGB"},"type":"bulb"},{"name":"Door","id":"1633","value":{"name":"Door","battery":99,"lock":"locked"},"type":"lock"},{"name":"Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor","id":"1505","value":{"name":"Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor","temperature":69.68,"battery":55,"motion":"inactive"},"type":"motion"},{"name":"Alicia","id":"1065","value":{"name":"Alicia","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},{"name":"Chris","id":"1058","value":{"name":"Chris","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},{"name":"SmartThings Presence Sensor V4","id":"1345","value":{"name":"SmartThings Presence Sensor V4","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},{"name":"contact","id":"801","value":{"name":"contact","temperature":73.07},"type":"temperature"},{"name":"Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor","id":"1505","value":{"name":"Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor","temperature":69.68},"type":"temperature"}]

Create an account at - and click on create skill. At some point in the process you will have to link your amazon account.

choose create new skill on the next screen

Pick the name for your skill (this will be what you say to invoke your skill when speaking to alexa). Choose No template.

You should make it a screen that looks like this - it reminded me of Node-Red. You basically create your blocks and string them together. Instructions are pretty good on the site.

You just start modifying the blocks to do what you want. Here is what the basic flow for my report looks like.

And i suppose this is where the meat of it is really.

Using the Json response just plug in your appropriate value to create variables and then use them in your Alexa response to create the strings you need her to say.

LOL easy right?

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Sorry Bruce, I guess I could have been a little more vague eh? My apologies..

So my thought was by hitting a RM endpoint - have an action be to query a device and return it's status as a response through that endpoint.

If I am still not making sense feel free to ignore me :slight_smile: .

This is probably more the place of an app I was thinking. I however more than likely could not create it so here we are..

Understood. We are working on something that should cover this...


Ah nuts! I never really looked closely at the HousePanel thread until now, because I don't do the tablet on the wall thing. I see now that it still requires ST to operate. That's a shame, because I can't contribute since I have sold my ST hub.

There is hubitat only support now. My St hub is also gone...

So anyone on a side note...
How do I make it so hubitat does not get auto corrected to habitat?

Oh, OK. I didn't even look in his repo because @kewashi kept referring to ST in every post I saw. Ken, maybe the initial post could be updated to let everyone know that HP does not required SmartThings and longer. Also, this link to the repo in the initial post is broken.

On your phone? You add it to the custom dictionary. On Chrome, I ignore the red underline.

Ah yes some renaming going on there. I did not think the old repo would shut down so quick. Try this.

@kewashi - fix your links!!!