[Announce/Release] HTTP RF Rx / Tx Relay

I figured someone might find this useful. I just finished cobbling together a RF Signal Receiver/Transmitter using arduino and some duct tape.

What it does

Listens for external sensors (rain, soil, motion) that broadcast signals to a base station using RF and relays them to a http server for processing (in my case NodeRed). Do what you will with them after this point.

Runs its own http-server that listens for incoming requests, and can relay signals to switches that run via RF (Christmas lights, outdoor lights, etc)


I have a rain sensor that I wanted to get the data from so I can do rain/sprinkler logic. Additionally, I have some outdoor lights that run with those cheapy RF controllers. Its nice to now tell HE/Alexa to operate them

There is a much deeper integration of this OpenMQTTGateway that handles a lot more sensors/signals and operates via MQTT. I just like things a bit simpler, and found this after I already set out

The Sonos RF Bridge looked like it could do similiar, I couldnt find the v1 which appeared to be the one that you could flash the RF chip with Portisch to get things working. Those are a lot of words that I dont know if mean anything, as I didnt attempt it.

What you need

  • ESP32 Module
  • CC1101 RF doohickey
  • Patience

Cost $10 and time


There goes half your audience. :slight_smile:

Cool project thanks for sharing! I've been tossing around a similar idea to build something that would collect data from ESP32 boards and send to NR via MQTT...with ESP-NOW you can have crazy range and super low power to collect from a bunch of a battery-powered sensors.



I def wanted to set expectations ....

collect data from ESP32 boards and send to NR via MQTT.

Basically the same, minus origin of the data and that I didnt want to add MQTT into the mix .. based on laziness and need :wink: