Announce Contact Sensor Status

As a part of my bedtime routine (RM) I want to add an action where I get notified and text to speech on my Sonos the status of my garage door. I know how make the trigger, but I can't seem to write the directions well...

Right now I have it as "%Garage Door Sensor% is %Value%" but that just sends me "null is null"

I want it to say "Garage Door Sensor is Open/Closed"


The value variable refers to the trigger event, which is presumably not your garage door. One solution is to use conditional actions:

IF (Garage is closed) THEN 
  Speak: "The garage is closed."
  Speak:"The garage is open."

Or you may want to use a variable of text to speak and append this to that variable here, among other options. If you need more specific help, sharing the rule you have now would probably be best. Good luck!

This was a better way of thinking of it, thanks!

Agree , a conditional is a good way to go. Since my garage is normally closed I'd only want a notification if it's open. That's my personal preference, YMMV.

If (garage door is open)
Speak: Door open
End if

What I typically do is:

Speak: %device% is %value%.

%device% will be replaced by the name of the triggering device, and %value% will be replaced by the state being monitored that triggered the rule.

And if I only wanted to know if it was open, I would make the trigger: Garage Door: Open.