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Hey There
So after a few days with HE I feel like I almost added enough to profit from the hub. But I have one major problem. Namely that a long time ago I decided to use very special wifi switches which are branded by a swiss brand (steffen, but actually use software from Ankuoo Rec. Sadly these are not yet integrated into HE. BUT i found this

from here: Giulioʼs Stuff : Trying to "hack" Ankuoo Rec Switch and make it...

So my main (again naiv) question would be: If I use this custom firmware, would I be able to use these switches with HE?

Is anybody else interessted in these and would help me?


So after being brave and just trying it, it worked perfectly. The http requests work instantly and the software is not much changed despite enabling those links the author mentions on Github. Would recommend to use this firmware for directly using them with HE!

Very neat, are you using rule machine to send HTTP requests? I just ordered a module from amazon.

I'm not good at the http stuff, got any tips?


No I use the HTTP-Switch Driver. This is very convenient as you can just enter the HTTP Links for on and off, thats it :slight_smile:

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