Animal alert rule

this is a strange one, but does anyone have a rule that is made for animals (Cats & Dogs)?
so when a door closes after a set time roughly a min due to motion sensors "blind Time" passing. if there is any motion in that room while the door is closed a lert is sent to ur phone or through alexa?

i have tried a few ways and it never works quite right, either by opening the door or as you close the door.

You mean if a cat gets itself locked in the linen closet, for instance? I haven't tried it but I would think using a RM rule with a required expression that called for the contact switch on the door to be closed and then use the motion sensor as a trigger would work.

I can try it out if you'd like... here, kitty kitty kitty!

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My cat likes to follow me into my closet so that he can sharpen his claws on my suitcase I use when I travel for work (assuming this is passive aggressive behavior to institute a travel ban).

I had to update personal_nerd firmware to version 2.1.5.c (the "c" is for cat) to auto initiate chase_cat_from_closet rule upon exit.

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