Android version 1.28 (build 40) now available for Beta Testing



This build has the following fixes from last release:

  • Toggle Map Type on Geofence
  • Landscape mode enabled
  • Auto load local dashboard by default (if available)
  • Auto switch to cloud or local depending on connection
  • Improved geofence presence detection
  • Improved app loading

If you are part of the beta, you should see an update in the Google Play store.

Please let us know any issues, there are some new debugging events as well to detect activities that help trigger geo events.


This is awesome.. knowing some of these features may make it over to the ios version.

Should make a bunch of people happy.


any chance of a smaller geo fence? We don't have the space like you do in the US so the smallest geo fence covers about 30 houses :smile:


No, we are already below the minimum reliable geofence radius Google recommends. GPS and location detection on mobile isn't meant to be millimeter accurate.


fair enough.

don't need it that accurate just needed 20m less so it doesn't cover the streets and house behind my place so I can go round my mates :rofl:


Hi @patrick
Just some early feedback for you.
The app automatically switching to local or cloud dashboard is working great and a nice addition.
Why is there always a but.......
Unfortunately my geofence resized itself today. I must admit this had stopped happening so I'm not sure if it was 'just one of those gliches' or whether the root cause was addressed in the beta release but is not working.
Keep up the good work though.
I've not had any issues with devices dropping off, hub slowness etc. for weeks now. :smile:
Hhmm. Tempting fate I know. :wink:


Just thought I would look at my geofence again and once again it has increased in size with no interaction from me. Twice in one day.
I have the geofence set to around a radius of 220.


I noted this a few weeks ago. If you look at the Debug Information in the mobile app settings, I think you'll find the app is still respecting the geofence radius you set, just the image of the geofence is increasing.


Mine does the same thing. Not quite that often, maybe every 2 to 3 days.


While troubleshooting another issue tonight, I swear I saw a tiny side menu appear with access to not only the dashboards, but the rest of the Hubitat menu system. Couldn't get it to duplicate, however.

Is there a secret button? Did I lose my mind for a moment?


We both did. I saw that briefly, the other day. I think, but I'm not certain, it happened when it switched from cloud dashboards to local.


I have seen the same when going from cloud to local.


Just some more feedback for you.
Twice in the last 2 days the geofence size has reset itself from around 220m to 300m.


V 1.28 (Build 41)
I was playing around with local dashboards, put my phone down, came back 30 minutes later, and when the cloud dashboards switched to local, I had a fully functional "hybrid" app.


I've seen it happen after a dashboard I broke through a 500 error I ended up with complete access to my hub interface in the mobile app.


There is a much simpler way, just put a link to your main system up as a link tile. You can get a bit of Hubitat inception going on by opening up that same dashboard and repeat. My best was 4 layers deep.


If you do that and accidentally rotate the screen it tosses out out and back to your dashboard.