Android S22 phone Presence is not working

Hello all.
I cannot get my Android (Samsung S22) Presence working. It's not updating at all.
Life360 is working fine with no Issues.
I would like to get the Android Presence working. I've searched this issue in the forum and simply cannot find the answer. Any assistance is appreciated.

New to Hubitat

I had a lot of GPS problems with my S22. So much so that I gave it back to the shop...
Do you have the Hubitat app installed? If you look under the Geofence tab, do you see yourself in the correct place on the map?

Yes i have the app installed and the correct location is reflected in the app

I checked my logs and my phone's presence is also completely wrong in Hubitat! Galaxy S23.
I'm using Life360 for me and my family's presence. That's working fine.

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Thankyou....I'm glad it's not just me (S22). It would be nice if it worked.....

I finally got this to work....on my Android S22
I had to UNCHECK the setting Send Presence Only while in motion

Now my presence works
Enable GeoFence
Advanced section
Uncheck Send Presence Only While in Motion
Check Validate Location on Network Change

it now works....

thankyou all


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