Android Phone not showing as Device

The Notifications post suggests that that my phone running Hubitat should show as an option. It has a device name in the Hubitat Android app, but no sign of the phone is in the Hubitat portal - it's not listed as a device nor as an option in Notify.

What am I missing?

You need to create the device. There is an option for "mobile app device"

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To be clear, you're saying I create a "Virtual Device" and then choose that it's a Mobile App Device?

Yes. It is a driver.

Okay. Thanks. That was really counter-intuitive, plus I had to log out and back into the Android app for it to find the matching virtual device.

But you got it to work, right? No more troubles?

AFAIK. I can see it and send a Notification.

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Just wanted to make sure.


That is incorrect. When you log into the Hubitat app and select your hub, the device will be created automatically by the system. If you create the device manually it will not have the correct Network ID to be linked to your presence or to send notifications to. When you log into the app for the first time it will ask you to create the device. If this is not happening, I recommend clearing all app data for the app and starting over. You can do this on Android in the app settings under "data".


huh .. I could have sworn that I created it. Thanks for the correction.

I don't agree with @M874585684875's observation. That clearly didn't happen for me. Hence the question.
@april.brandt, thank you for your help.

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Setting up your device manually won't work. How are you going to associate the hubitat device with your phone? If you follow the steps I gave you, it will work.

I'd also advice signing up for the public beta for the mobile apps. New fixes are out in that a lot faster than the non-beta apps.

It works well enough for notifications to get pushed to the phone. What part won't work? said it wasn't working. So, if you're not having a problem then I'm confused on what you are asking.

Ah, you have to read the entire thread as if it was a chronological conversation. Which it is.

Using the Android app, the phone could log into the Hub, but it wasn't listed as a device. From what you're saying, at this point, the Hub should have created a device for the phone. But it didn't. Consequently, I couldn't target notifications to the phone.

Per April's suggestion, I created a "Virtual Device" of type "Mobile App Device". The idea that a physical device needs a "Virtual" device bothers me; the term "Virtual" should be changed to perhaps "Soft". Anyhow...

That alone didn't solve it. Sending notifications went nowhere. But when I then logged out of the phone app and back in, it noticed the unconnected mobile app device with the same name and asked if it should attach them.

That solved it. At which point I could target notifications and receive them.

Although why it hadn't created a new device when none was there, I don't know. Your understanding of how it should work makes sense. It just, well, didn't.

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Ditto. So what do I do now? I've been in an out of the mobile app untold times since I got the hub, not a glimmer of a mobile device has appeared. I'll try the fix in your post...

... no that didn't work. What do you mean "device by the same name"? I don't think I've named my phone.

I'm a new user and this thread confused the crap out of me until I figured out where I was going wrong and what has not been made clear until now.

First you need to create a new user login for each user via I was initially trying to create local users on the hub, however it appears you can only have one user for local login under "Hub Login Security", i.e. an admin account. *Note: from the WebUI it doesn't have an option to add another user, however the mobile app appears to allow you to, not sure why or if you need other users under the local Hub security if you add them via the portal?

Once each user is created they load the mobile app and login with their own Portal login, using the CLOUD login option, NOT the local login option. Once logged in via the CLOUD option your phone device is automatically created in the HUB.

Logging in via the CLOUD option also brings up a completely different experience that until today I had never seen. Within this login your allowed to toggle GeoFence on and off and set your GeoFence resolution. Plus you have access to your dashboards from anywhere, not just your local network.

The only thing I don't understand is how you assign personalized dashboards to each user and/or device?

I also assume, feel free to comment, that the Life360 connector is no longer required if you are using the mobile app? or is there some other advantage to the Life360 connector and is it free?




This did it for me