Android phone - adding a shortcut to a specific device


I want to be able to lock my door with a shortcut on my android phone.
What is the best practice to add a shortcut to an action on any of my devices ?

I remember that there was a way to call the commands through a simple http get (or post ?) command. How can I get the correct http get/post command for a specific device ?

I foudn that Maker API enables access to devices through http commands.
is this the best practice to use ?
is there ano ther recommended method ?

I believe this will be the recommended approach for updating device details (attributes) and/or simple commands for a single device. I have only discovered recently that if you want more complex responses to a single HTTP call, you can setup a HTTP endpoint as a trigger for an RM rule, allowing you to initiate any number of responses to a HTTP call from outside the HE hub. Others may be able to explain this in more detail if this is what you are after.... Or I could find the post where I read it....


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thanks. so Maker API is the best approach
and there is also a RM way, which I can take a look at.

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Here's an app you can look into.

Edit : sharptools also give you wigets on Androids.

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about sharptools: that was what I use on ST hub, but then it was just an android app with widgets.
Now Sharptools is a service with subscription. Am I wrong ?
I wouldn't pay for a service 30$/y , especially when there are other methods that do the same for me.

about Hubitat Dashboard app: I installed it and it found my hub, but reports "no devices"
do you have any idea why ?

The instruction is on the very first post I linked above. Ask question in that post if you still have issue.