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I have used the mobile app since the beginning and it works great. I use it away from home via my home VPN, but mostly I use it while at home. Last night my Internet went out. I could use my web browser on my desktop to access my dashboards and still switch things on and off just fine. Most of my voice control is normally via Alexa and we know when the Internet is out, she is out.

Well, my cell phone with the Hubitat Android app is my next most convenient device to use. Last night my Internet went out and the mobile app would not connect to my dashboard because it said it was not reachable and even listed the local IP for my HE. So, I fired up my web browser on the same phone and went to the same address and logged in and was able to control everything from the dashboards. So, why can't the mobile app work if my Internet is down even though it is accessing the local network?

Could you clarify why the internet was down? Was it something inside your network (router, switch) or something with your provider?

Are you using your internet provider's modem or their modem/router combo? Is it possible that whatever outage was occurring made it look like there was outside network connectivity, but in reality you were just routing into nothing?

Can you duplicate this symptom by unplugging your modem's incoming cable from your internet provider?

My internal network was up 100%. I have my own cable modem connected to a Ubiquiti Unifi Dream machine Pro with six configured VLANs. All local network traffic worked just fine. The ISP texted me with an unscheduled outage last night that lasted from midnight to six in the morning. I could access my HE just fine with a browser from a desktop, a laptop and a tablet as well as from my browser on the phone. The Hubitat mobile app flashed a message that it could not access which is the local static address for my HE. Yet, on the exact same phone I could use a browser to go to the same address.

@rlithgow1 is this something you might have some insight with?

iPhone or android?

Android as indicated in the original message.

Apologize, I didn't see that. When you turn off wifi to your phone, do you get the switching to cloud message? Conversely when you turn wifi back on does it say using local?

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