[Android] Dashboards scrolling problems

I am having issues with the new app with dash boards. When a dashboard is longer than the screen size, I can easily scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard, but I cannot scroll back up. When I try to scroll back up to the top of the dashboard, it reloads instead of scrolling.


This is a beta feature. I moved your post in the right section. Thanks for your feedback.

Oh I thought the 2.0 app was released to the public now, sorry about that.

No worries. The new app has been publicly released, but the current public version is 234.

The beta version includes the pull down refresh feature. If you signed up for the beta, you will continue to receive the beta releases ahead of the public release.

That must be it. Is there any way to know if any particular build is the public release vs a beta for future reference? (Just to prevent future mistakes of posting in the wrong section) Currently this is all I have been able to find:

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Posting under different subcategory is not an issue. But you are making a good point, as we've seen mixed feedback for beta features that can be confusing for non-beta users and vice-versa. I forwarded your feedback to our engineers for future consideration to (more) clearly differentiate between beta versions and public versions. Thanks again for your feedback.

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I didn't sign up for the beta--I just downloaded the app from the Google Play store: version 2.0.1 (237).

I have the same scrolling problem; I can scroll down but not back up as it instead reloads the page.

In addition, when scrolling right, it's slower and choppier compared to the old app. I can see the "reload" icon appear at the top as I scroll right (although it doesn't actually reload), so maybe that has something to do with the choppiness.

My hub is a C8 Pro, software version

OK, now I'm apparently in the beta program, since I just clicked on the link out of curiosity and was enrolled.

I am running app 237 and can't scroll up either as it just refreshes.

I have the same problem.

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Similar problem here, difficulty scrolling up/down and left/right when displaying dashboard. When I attempt to scroll a dashboard it usually refreshes back to the Dashboard page. running 239 on Samsung S21.

I can't reproduce this issue on Android 14 with either Hubitat Dasboards or Easy Dashboards. If you are having scrolling problems, could you please post the Android version? We are thinking that scrolling has problems on older versions. Also please confirm if the enhanced touch sensitivity is enabled or not, and/or using a screen protector.

I am on Android 14 and can't scroll properly (on old dashboards, I haven't set up an easy dashboard yet)

Pixel 6A on most current OTA update:

Scrolling problem on old dashboard s. Android 14 latest ota update on Samsung S22+

Android 14 here. Confirmed problem remains regardless of whether enhanced touch sensitivity and/or accidental touch protection is on or off.

I've failed to find a repeatable pattern in the swiping errors. In general swiping up/down/left/right moves the screen in increments of inconsistant size. But sometimes a swipe results in going to a previous menu, and sometimes it even results in a smooth swipe transition. So far I can't really see a pattern in it.

Are you noticing the same behavior with both dashboards or one in particular?

I have the same scrolling problem as all have stated in this thread.
Samsung S24 Ultra - Android 14

Hubitat Dashboard or Easy Dashboard, or both?

Hubitat Dashboard. No problems with EZ Dashboard.
Samsung S24 Ultra
Android 14
(No Screen Protector)
Version: 2.0.1

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the new Hubitat Elevation app on Android has issue in the Dashboard tab that you can scroll down or side to side but when you try scroll up it goes back to the Dashboard selection tab.
This needs to be corrected

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I've tried all my dashboards and appear to have similar scrolling issues on all of them. Again, most common issue is what appears to be incremental jumping movement of the screen image when scrolling, rather than a smooth movement. Also, on screens that must scroll up and down due to their large vertical size, sometimes (but not always) it's not possible to scroll back to the top of the screen...once we've scrolled to be bottom. It just stays locked down there at the bottom. Hope that makes sense.

P.S. I don't have any EZ dashboards so unable to try those

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