Android dashboard hangs

Hi all, new user here - switched from Wink this week. I am slowly learning the ropes but I have one major issue - when I launch the Android app it will just hang with a wheel spinning when I click on the Dashboard icon. (it defaults to the settings tab)

When I select local hub discovery -> dashboard from there it works fine.

Any tips on how to get past that? I think once I would be outside of my wifi the access would not work and I need to make ti dead simple for my wife to be able to use the system.

Thank you

screenshot - unable to insert for some reason (not sure why)

New user limitation. I think it goes away quickly. Welcome to the community! (The developer tag next to my name does not mean I work for Hubitat. I'm just a community member like you but I write code. There has been some confusion on that so I'm posting it up front.)

So, to help troubleshoot, if you go to the hub's URL outside of the app in a browser and go to apps and then dashboards, if you pick a dashboard and try its cloud link does it work? If it does, then that part is working and I would try to reinstall the Android app (or clear data and cache if you know how to do that). If it doesn't work I would try and make sure the hub is registered to your Hubitat account correctly by going through the portal again. It's been so long since I did that process I couldn't help you with it though.

So if I go to apps -> dashboard -> dashboard name I can click the cloud URL and it works. I tried the cash/data delete and uninstall already...

will try different device/OS tomorrow (this is Huawei p30 pro)

I'm guessing it won't work on another device either. What happens if you manually turn off your WiFi and try the same thing?

Still the same issue - interestingly on another device I see a different behavior - I can access the dashboard but about every 5 seconds I see a message "switching to local dashboard" and it seems to work intermittently. I am going to check the wifi and connection to the Hubitat cloud on ongoing bases next

That's way too frequently to see the switch message. I wonder what's triggering that...

Hmm, wifi connection to the cloud is stable (no dropped pings) and the cloud dashboard works 100% of the time when launched from a desktop browser. Something is up with the Android app...

This is a known issue. See here. You can also see my work around posted there as well.

The switching between cloud and local is trigger by wifi being lost or switching to cellular, if for some reason connection to the wifi router fails it will trigger it. That said that's not really a reason for your problem. What version of the app are you on right now?

App version 1.4.2

I tried the beta on of of my Android devices and the issue seems to be fixed there - thanks for your help!

I am also seeing another issue where the Dashboard does not reflect the correct state of SOME (but not all) of my Lutron switches. For example it says dining light is ON while in reality it is OFF and when I change the state via the physical switch, HE does not see that. However, when I turned it off and ON from within the dashboard it works, also dimming functions works so it seems the communication from HE to the Zwave Lutron switch works, but not the other way around.

BTW Would it better to start a new thread?

Thanks for all your help guys!

For more complex issue sometime that is a good idea, this one I have seen before.

Try setting up your dash in chrome like I outlined in the post there (linked above). I have the same issue with of my older iPad. If the state changes outside of the dash, the dash does not update. This only happen with my older devices. Refreshing the dashboard fixes the issue. I have 'Link' button called "refresh" pointed back at the same dash url, to allow me to refresh as needed.

Lot of andiord users here use Fully Kiosk Browser, it has auto refresh and other feature that might be of use.

FYI - I don't use the app for much outside Geo-fencing anymore. Web UI via browser on desktop to program and Chrome/Kiosk browsers for dashes.

If you wanna build awesome dashes check out smartly