Android app will not connect unless on Wifi

I had to replace my router and also updated my hub soon as it connected just 2 weeks ago 8-19-23. since doing so I can't access either of my 2 hubs unless I am on my home network. I used to be able to access them via the internet from anywhere. I think the update is the problem. Was remote access taken away with the update?

No. The likely issue is that after the router upgrade, your hub doesn’t have access to a DNS and is not registered to Hubitat’s cloud. Without that, the mobile app can’t connect to your hub when you aren’t on your local LAN.


Is your remote admin subscription active?

It’s probably not the most likely cause of your issue. But one easy way to test the theory is to downgrade to the previous version of the hub firmware.


I don’t have any. I didn’t pay for it.

If you haven’t paid for the remote admin subscription, then you can access dashboards when you’re away from home. But that’s all.

Nothing about that has changed recently.


The dashboard can only be accessed from my home network. Prior to the new routers I could access them via the internet. I removed and re-registered both of my hubs still can't use the dashboards from outside the house. No clue what else to do

This lack of dashboard control is a fairly common issue when you don't have outside network connectivity for the hub like the others above have indicated.

Maybe describe your new router brand/model, and how your network is laid out? Also, you could help by telling or showing us how you have set up the networking stuff in the Hubitat hub. Also, is this a C5, C7, C8 hub?

Your new router is either blocking connections to the outside world due to some security setting or misconfiguration, or you have played with Static address in the Hub's settings, and misconfigured something. Or possibly you have two routers (double NAT) or have segregated Hubitat to a guest network that can't reach the outside world?

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The hubs are C7's and the routers are Linksys

Why do you have more than one router?

Please describe your network topology in as much detail as you’re able to.


I have a garage that is 150 feet from the house. Security cameras there and at the house. Had a brownout (Power dip) that took out my TV and both routers. Had to replace them and the TV. The garage is a metal building (Faraday cage). Before I upgraded to new routers all worked great. I even unregistered hubs, button on bottom reset the hubs still nothing works. Used to be able to access the dashboard from outside the home network now I can't.

It may seem pedantic, but in your case, are both “routers” actually routing?

Your description sounds like one router and one WiFi access point.

You can likely achieve both functions with the same model Linksys device (although you have not shared the model # here).

But if you haven’t configured both Linksys devices correctly, then that could create an issue.

It’s hard to say without more details.

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I want to thank all of you who helped me figure out the problem. Once I reconfigured the Garage router to not use its DHCP and unregistered and re-registered the garage hub all is working great even from outside my home network (via the internet)
Thank you all again.

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