Android app updated to version 1.6.9

The android app has been updated to version 1.6.9 with the following changes:

    Improvements and fixes for:
    - Devices (Lights/Switches) Tab
    - SmartStart (for C7 Hubs)
    - Onboarding screen

The iOS app will be release soon.


After I updated my Pixel 6 to the latest version, I can no longer control devices in the app, either remotely or locally. I uninstalled and reinstalled app. It wants me to login. I have never understood, is there separate login to Hubitat and for forum access?

In any case, it just stalls at Fetching User Data.
And this is on local network. I did change IP address of Hubitat, but I can access it via web browser on my Pixel 6.

edit, it was apparently a networking issue with my router.

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