Android App Not Updating Presence

My wife's Android phone (Google Pixel 2) isn't updating her presence when she leaves or arrives. As an iOS user, I'm assuming there's something I missing. I have checked to ensure that location services are enabled for the app.

Take a look under battery optimization and make sure that the app is not getting put to sleep. The hubitat app and the gps. If it does, then it will not report correctly. They need to run in the background.

Your phone will automatically put the GPS radio to sleep. If it didn't your battery would last about 2 hours and be completely dead. So, don't look too hard for that option, you won't find it.

Your location on your phone is going to be dependent on what other apps are calling for location services. For example, if you are navigating with a maps app, it will update almost instantly. If you aren't, then it might take several minutes.

So, in order to begin to figure out what the issue might be, we need to know exactly how long you've been waiting after she goes outside of the defined Geofence before the presence is updated in Hubitat.

It won't update for weeks at a time. In that sense, it's not slow to update; it never updates unless the app itself opens. She's tried force quitting the app, restarting her phone, and reinstalling the app. At first, she was logging in using my Hubitat credentials, but then I created an account for her. The lack of updating unless the app is open happens in either case.

Have you checked to see if your are set to high accuracy and use wifi for location? Do I think that's the issue? NO, but worth checking. Maybe her gps isn't strong enough? How old is the phone. Is she at the most recent OS build? If the answer is yes and it's still not working, I think I would submit a ticket to support. Maybe they can see something behind the scenes with the hub? What build version are you at on your hub? They've made improvements to that app as of late. I assume it's the hubitat app. (There I go making assumptions).

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Looks like even with the app open there is something wrong with the presence part of the app both my phone and my wife's phone have to be in the zone for 4 - 5 minutes before the app sends the presence update. Sometimes I'm already at my job 10 minutes away when hubitat notifies me of my absence.
It was flawless until recently.
the app worked as soon as I entered the circle.
Both android
Both configured to never battery optimize the app.
Something went wrong with an update I think

When I change the size of the zone my presence is finally updated.
not really handy

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I to have been having issues with android presenxe. I have heating rules based on being home or not and that are not triggering

Same issue here, still.

Have you tried removing the app and the device and setting it back up again, I did that tonight and seems to be working

I am having this same exact problem, it shows that I am here, or not, but the report of in or out of the Geofence does not change till I move the slider as @glabbe0299 stated.

I had this issue:

  1. Long press on the app and go to Info
    2 go to advanced options
    3 click battery
    4 set optimisation to 'not optimised'

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