Android App Feature - Notification Log

It would be great if the App had a section to display all the push notifications. Currently the only way to see them is from the drop down android notification and it does not always show the full message. It would be nice if it had the view option like PushOver did where it had a list of all the notifications with Date and Time posted with it.


You can see them by adding the mobile app device to dashboard and viewing the event history for the device.

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I do not see event history as an option for the tile. I am in the dashboard, add new tile, selected my phone, but the template is not there. What am I missing?

Ok I see how to view it, but its just really cumbersome to go to dashboard, witch if on a slow connection can take forever to load . But then having to click on three dots and then click on history? Sucks especially if we have it hide the 3 dots

Cant we just get another tab at the bottom that say notifications and it shows all the notifications it has received. with option to dismiss ones read or dismiss all.

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There is a planned feature to implement a separate notification log. I was just providing you an option to get it now.


I like this....thanks

I too would like to see a notification log baked into the app. It's difficult to read all the info in the notification drop down menu and clicking the notification just launches the app. It would make sense if clicking the notification opened the notification text.

+1 on the Notification Log

Any word on this making into an app release soon? Its the only thing holding me to SMS still.