Android app arrival log spamming

When I look at the main logs, I see that they're reporting my Android phone (Pixel 3 running Android 10) "arrived" over and over with no departures. Sometimes several times a minute. It will do that for a bit and then go quiet for between 10 minutes to several hours before starting up again. But what's even more puzzling is that when I go the device events listing, it's not showing any of this. For the most part it's reporting correctly nearly all the time. Once in a great while it will show a departure and arrival that's in error and corrects the state again quickly.

At this point I'm not sure if it's causing any issues other than adding a lot of useless noise to my logs. Anyone else seeing this? App version 1.3.1 (Beta).

My Pixel 3a and my partners does the same. I thought it did it everytime I moved (walked etc..) around the house to confirm i'm still in the same geofence.