Android Alarm Clock

I use the alarm clock on my Android phone. My schedule is not consistent, so I'm frequently changing the wake up time.

What I'd like to do is to have HE run some automations 30min before the alarm goes off. For example turn the heat on, start the coffee maker, etc. Ultimately I set my alarm for when I want to get up. Automation does the math, etc for when to run the automations.

I do see the Google Assistant option in the alarm, but that only triggers after I turn off the alarm. I could also set 2 alarms, but that kinda defeats the purpose of "smart" home.

I did see the older threads re this subject. I'm hopeing better solutions have been found/built.


You might be interested in this:


Tasker is a powerful tool. I do something similar with Sleep As Android and Tasker to turn on lights and greet us in the morning when we dismiss the alarm on our respective phones. We have the same situation with varying alarm times. I also use Tasker as a backup presence process.

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I have looked at alarms recently in Tasker / Android, and it is slightly annoying that there are one or two crucial elements missing in what you can access that would make management of them much easier.

But to remain "above the line", as the saying goes... There is a lot than can still be done using apps like Tasker to integrate your phone with HE. If only there was an app / driver to help with that... :wink:

My biggest issue is the lack of native alarm clocks that work well with Tasker. The Samsung native clock app used to work flawlessly. I grudgingly downloaded Sleep as Android once the Samsung version no longer worked well with my wearable (Switched from Samsung watch to Garmin Fenix). With Tasker, I was able to create a notification on my Garmin watch that I can dismiss from my watch. The cool part is that this method vibrates a few seconds before any sound from the alarm. So, I can dismiss it before it wakes my wife.

To be honest, I wish I had gotten that app earlier (Sleep as Android). It is hands down better than any of the stock apps I tried to use otherwise and is probably the most integrated with Tasker out of any of them. It worked well without getting the paid version. But, I was impressed enough to pay for it on both our phones.

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Intersting.... I got all excited after @Hatallica posted this when I found a YouTube clip a guy posted where he managed alarms on his (and other phones from memory) via Tasker and Node RED. I soon realised the YT solution required either elevated privileges and/or.... well just the complexity of the solution. Hence my lament at the level of access either made available to apps like Tasker, or at least what has been implemented up until that YT clip.

Sleep As Android sounds interesting from what you have described... I might take a look sometime soon... Thanks for mentioning it.

Take a look here: Tasker Integration manual specific to Sleep as Android

There is a LOT more than just checking for alarms that it does. But, those are the only features I use. I do not track my sleep through that app (one of the "primary" intents of the app). My Garmin does that better.


Yeah, I also have other means to track my sleep, as little I can often get.... Including a Garmin Fenix also, but more so other machines I use...

Hmmm... Interesting to consider an app centred around sleep for managing alarms... Still interesting to take a look....

The differences between paid and full are here: Purchasing the app - Sleep as Android

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Lots of power in Tasker, you just have to know where things are and how to assemble it. I have been using it when at work you used to have to enter a credential for the public wifi and I would stuff the password. But now there are some limitations of what Android allows you to do due to security.

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